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Ragtime and Rubber Hose

Flip the Frog, Oswald Rabbit, Koko the Clown and Toby the Pup will return to the screen Tuesday night, at the Billy Wilder Theatre in the Hammer Museum in Westwood, CA. Ragtime pianist Reginald Robinson will play in concert with a screening of 1920s and 30s animated cartoons from the UCLA Film Archive. Films will include Koko’s Earth Control, Homeless Homer, Swing You Sinners and Room Runners in 35mm. The program is being presented in conjunction with an exhibition of original art from R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis. The screening is FREE (parking is $3.). For more information visit the Hammer Museum website.

  • MAN! I wish we were there. My kid LOVES Flip the Frog.

  • My six year old asked me for more Popeye, Flip the Frog and Oswald DVDs for Christmas. Explain that to me, Cartoon Network executives.

  • I never thought much of Koko until I saw “Koko’s Earth Control” with a Philip Glass soundtrack at the Dallas Museum of Art.

    That made it scary.

  • PEZ

    My Heart just stopped. I have been waiting for a screening of just these cartoons since I moved to LA. If you read this blog and you live in LA there is no reason not to go.

  • PEZ

    Thank you to all who put on this event. I really enjoyed hearing The live Ragtime music over the cartoons, creating a unique cartoon viewing experience. The Pianist was quit amazing for such a young guy. Shame on all who thought they had better things to do.