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Ralph Bakshi event at Meltdown


Ralph’s comin to town… to party.

Meltdown is hosting a Ralph Bakshi bash in Hollywood next week with a gallery full of original drawings, paintings and animation production art. Chris McDonnell and Jon Gibson will also be on hand to sign copies of their new Bakshi book.

McDonnell tells us:

We are trying to invite as many people from Bakshi Productions’ past as possible. It’s a reunion, it’s a party, it’s Ralph in a room. Ralph is looking forward to talking and hanging with people so he’ll be signing books only as an exception to the rule, if at all. We are looking forward to this really being a great “reunion” for Ralph and all his old artists (and everyone else is welcome of course too).

Join us on Saturday night June 14th. The party starts at 7pm and will go on till 11pm. Admission free. Meltdown Comics and Gallery, 7522 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.

  • Paul N

    Great picture, which begs the question: when (if ever) will we see “Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures” on DVD?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That’s the question I keep asking myself 24/7! Please CBS, don’t let us beg!

  • Ron

    Would anyone in the know care to explain this picture? What are the little red guys supposed to be and what is mighty mouse doing in the pool with that girl mouse? BTW I plan on attending this event. I’ve always been a fan of Bakshi and wanted to meet him.

  • That would be so cool to go to. But alas, I live up here in Seattle. Another one of my hopes dashed.

  • One of my most cherished animation memories is doing a story on Ralph and he actually acted out the storyboard of one of the two cartoons he did for the Cartoon Network.

  • Tom Minton

    Those pink things would be lemmings, Ron. This frame is from “Still Oily After All These Years”, a Mighty Mouse short from the first half hour of the second season, first broadcast twenty years ago, come September.

  • Tom Pope

    Boy, that sounds like fun. My first job was as a lowly effects assistant on Cool World. On my first day, Ralph himself told me what a lucky bleeper-bleeper I was to be there. I could not have agreed more.

  • fresh


  • Dock Miles

    It’s a sin and a crime that Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse isn’t available on DVD. It only has one of the Top 10 coolest theme songs in the history of television.

  • Damn, damn, damn…
    If I had an affordable plane ticket, and didn’t have a ton of finals, I would be ALL over this event…

  • Hey Jerry, you’ve got the time in your post, but not the date!

  • Marcus

    I wonder if the most successful member of the mighty mouse crew, Andrew Stanton, will make it?

  • Quiet_Desperation

    Man, that looks like Gadget Mouse. Mmmm… Gadget Mouse….

  • “Mighty Mouse, PLEASE- please sign the tape on my glasses!”

    Sure the theme song was catchy, but “Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures” was also my first exposure to such diverse topics as The Fountainhead, singing tree weasels, screaming telegrams, and yes, “Ralph Man”. There were visual nods to everything from Norman Rockwell’s paintings to Kafka’s Metamorphosis. I met new friends, like Bub, who sounded suspiciously like Peter Lorre -but then, several characters during the run of the show did- and Sven, the world’s first Norwegian dwarf. We even got to see what Hashimoto and Edward R. Murrow were up to after long periods away from the public eye. There were great lessons told through cautionary tales about the dangers of extreme prejudice… and also Adam Smashers. Perhaps most importantly, I learned that “Too much of any one thing [could] be bad for you- even GOOD TV!”

    Before “Mighty Mouse”, all TV cartoons had degenerated into crappy half hour ads and soulless half-baked morality plays. The show revolutionized the medium and maybe even the art form, some, too.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    What Marc said is pretty much what I felt about this show too. It’s sort of a pivotal turning point for domestic TV animation at a time when we were fed up with what had came before, and an early reminder of what may come out of the woodwork in the next few years and into the 1990’s. Ralph deserves thanks for springing new talent onto the animation scene through this program.