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Report from Platform #1


Day one at Platform. Got into Portland around 2:30pm and was whisked to the very cool Ace Hotel. After a quick check in, I headed to a meeting of jurors (I’m one of the judges of the TV category). After that, one by one, I started running into friends from L.A., New York, Vancouver, Europe… Linda Simensky, Danny Antonucci, Bill Plympton, Tom Knott, Adam Snyder, Heather Kenyon and, pictured above, director Yvette Kaplan, producer John Andrews and author-animator John Canemaker. It’s begining to feel like a festival. The opening night screening was teriffic – every film shown was great. The standouts were Aardman’s new 2-D short, The Pearce Sisters (directed by Luis Cook), Apnee (directed by Claude Chabot) and Herzog and the Monsters (a student film by Lesley Barnes). That was followed by a party and even later was a mock debate/screening, “Humor vs. Abstract” with Bill Plympton (arguing humor) and Joanna Priestley (in favor of abstract).

If day one is any indication, this festival is going to be a winner.

  • intergalactic

    You and Jerry are lucky bums Amid!

    Portland is my home town and although I would have loved to be there for the kick off of this event I’m stuck here in SoCal reading it on the brew.

    I’m curious to see if this event will have legs, it’s actually not the first animation related event to hit Portland.

    Back in the late 80’s-90’s Will Vinton Studios (now Laika) hosted an event called the “Portland Creative Conference”.

    So it’s good to see that animation is still happening in P-town.

    Have a great time & check out Le Bistro Montage (the Montague) for drinks, they also have a great mac and cheese and for desert Papa Haydens is the best!

  • Esn

    Wow, that Aardman film looks fantastic. It reminds a bit of the 2D animation on the Aardman logo that they have on some of their DVDs, actually. It’s impressive to see a short film in such a style, with high production values.