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Richard Williams at MoMA

Thief and the Cobbler

A can’t-miss event is coming up in NY. Richard Williams will appear at the Museum of Modern Art on Monday, September 22. He will discuss his career with historian and filmmaker John Canemaker. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for students. Here is the event description:

Three-time Academy Award winner Richard Williams discusses his long and influential career in a conversation with animation filmmaker and historian (and fellow Oscar-winner) John Canemaker. Williams, who was awarded Oscars for Special Achievement and for Visual Effects as the director of animation of the Walt Disney/Steven Spielberg blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) and for his short film A Christmas Carol (1971), is one of the finest animation filmmakers of our time. His stunningly crafted, award-winning films have featured the work of veteran animators from the Disney studio’s “Golden Age” and from Warner Bros. Cartoons, most notably Grim Natwick (Snow White), Art Babbitt (Fantasia), and Ken Harris (Bugs Bunny). Williams also learned from his friends Milt Kahl (Pinocchio, The Jungle Book), and Frank Thomas (Bambi, Cinderella). A distillation of his acquired knowledge went into the exuberant animation he directed for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and, most recently, into an unparalleled and indispensable series of instructional DVD master classes based on his bestselling book The Animator’s Survival Kit. Illustrated with clips from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Charge of the Light Brigade, A Christmas Carol, Raggedy Ann & Andy, the animated titles from The Return of the Pink Panther, award-winning commercials, segments from The Animator’s Survival Kit, and more. Organized by Joshua Siegel (Associate Curator, Department of Film) and John Canemaker.

Link to event page at MoMA’s website

  • OMG one of the world’s best animators interviewed by the world’s other best animator… I think CERN is beat, this will be a black hole :P

  • Animation Pimp

    FYI…You can also see the same presentation a few days earlier at the OIAF.

  • Not just one of the world’s best animators – this guy is as much responsible for the return of respect for a dying craft as anyone. His work in commercials (70’s-80’s) resurrected the use of classic techniques in a new, updated way. His work lit (lighted?) a fire underneath the animators and studios in the US that had become dusty and moldy, and reminded them there was more to animation and CARTOONS, than Saturday morning dreck. He’s always deserved a LOT more respect and attention than he’s received ! Attend, and give it to him !!

  • AWESOME! Thanks for posting this. Can’t wait!

  • WOW. I really, REALLY wish I was in New York to make this. What an amazing experience it’ll be for those who can.

  • Meg

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to SF MOMA!!!!! lol

  • I’m definitely going to be there! This is such a great event! hopefully it doesn’t sell out or something crazy!

  • Sam Filstrup

    I agree with Meg come to the SF MOMA.

  • HarryJ

    It’d be nice if they could get someone a bit more astute to interview Williams.

  • matt

    HarryJ, can you explain your comment? “A bit more astute”??

    Do you know who Canemaker is? Is ‘astute’ even the right word there?

    I don’t think they could find anyone better than Canemaker to interview him. He’s got the right track record.

    I just wish I could attend. I attended the Sydney Masterclass back in the nineties and it was fantastic.

  • On top of that, John wrote the book on the making of Dick’s film “Raggedy Ann & Andy”. He seems like a good choice to me as well. . .

  • seann

    i cry tears of angst. any hope of a youtube posting of this lecture or the one in ottowa?