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Road Runner Ice Melt


I’ll be in New York on Tuesday. I understand it’s very cold there. Perhaps they can use this product.

This has got to be one of the more bizarre Looney Tunes licensees.

(Thanks, Joel O’Brien)

  • that’s hysterical!! At least he LOOKS correct!! (In some cases….they look like they’ve been drawn by a 2-year old!)

  • Pedro Nakama

    I would recommend ACME Icemelt.

  • Chuck R.

    Roadrunner salt —It’s fast. You put it on the road.
    Makes sense to me.

    If he looks correct, I guess we can credit the style guide.

  • Earl B

    Quite a good product, actually – been using it for years. Speaking of bizarre licensees, why is RR used for one of the slowest internet connection services there is? Everyone I know who has it complains about its lack of speed (maybe it’s just in NYS?) Guess they were going for irony.

  • You’ve just heard of it? We’ve been using that stuff here for years. Wal-Mart always has it in stock in the horrible WNY winter months.

  • Ha! I have been meaning to mention this on the Misce-looney-ous blog for awhile. Guess you beat me to it! Like Thad said, this stuff has been around for a few years now.

  • “You’ve just heard of it? We’ve been using that stuff here for years. Wal-Mart always has it in stock in the horrible WNY winter months.”

    Yeah I was just about to say the same thing. I work at Wal-Mart as a cashiser and they always have the stuff every winter.

  • You think the New york winter months are horrible? I’d love to be in your position. In Texas we get weather that’s below 70 Fahrenheit and low humidity maybe once or twice in a blue moon.

    That said, it’s stange to see the Road Runner on packages of ice-melting material

  • Seems appropriate — I remember the Road Runner burning up the road many times. This puts that talent to a productive use.

  • I saw this ice-melt at Wal*Mart just this morning and contemplated buying it.. but then I remembered that it hasn’t snowed in two weeks where I live.

  • Richard

    Alright, I just popped in my copy of the Bugs Bunny’s Looney Christmas Tales VHS (yes, I know Christmastime is over). Anyway, in the Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner segment – Wile E. is reading his manual book,with the humorous title Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Road Runners (But Were Afraid To Ask), when Wile E. notices the following text and concots a plan:

    “Road Runners LOVE the hot desert. They HATE cold and snow and are easy to catch in snow drifts”.

    I wonder if coyotes are the target buyer … care to explain, Wal-Mart employees?

  • Dav-Odd

    Jerry, dress warmly just in case, but the projected high on Tuesday is 61 degrees! Brrrrrrr! …Thanks, chlorofluorohexocarbonate gases!

  • Andy

    This is a great product. I don’t go near ice melt that isn’t endorsed by classic Warner Bros. characters. GO JERRY!

  • Jerry, New York is going to be a balmy 60 degrees on Tuesday–Mayor Bloomberg must have heard you were coming & ordered the temperature to be turned up!

  • Jerry, this is not news. My family and I actually used Road Runner Ice Melt more than a decade ago!

    Good to hear that they’re still making it! :)

  • Sarah

    I actually use this brand for my sidewalk almost every year because of the Road Runner picture. Sad maybe, but what do expect from someone who’s crazy about cartoon characters on weird products. In fact that Mickey Mouse Liver in a can thing is looking pretty tasty right about now.

  • Wow, I HAVE a bag of this at home right now.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I remember this too! There’s probably a few stores near me that has ’em!

  • shannon b

    What you didn’t see is the Wile E. Coyote traction sand that has been around almost as long. Living in the upper-Midwest, they are both pretty common during the winters here.

  • leonard S

    Since finding this at WalMart several years ago I have used this. It is the best as it is fine enough to use in one of those gallon dispensers. Now, however WalMmart switched to regular rock salt and a different brand. Not nearly as good. Cant find Roadrunner anywhere. Any suggestions.?

  • leonard S

    Since finding this at Walmart several years ago I have used it as it is the best. Fine enough to use in one of the gallon dispenser also. Now however Walmart switched to a diffenent cheaper brand which is stictly rocksalt and is not as effective. Anyone tell me what store carries this Roadrunn Salt now? Thanks Len in Mich.