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San Diego Comic Con 2007


It’s less than two months away.

Tom Spurgeon has posted a definitive guide to attending the Comic-Con on his Comics Reporter blog. It’s a must-read if you are planning to attend.

See you there.

(picture via Old Man Musings)

  • Wow, talk about comprehensive! I hit CCI for the first time last year and I think everything Tom wrote is dead on.

    My number one tip? Comfortable shoes. Spend a couple of bucks on a great pair of sneakers and you will do fine.

  • I was new to CCI last year too, it was a great experince.

  • Kelly Tindall

    Bought my tickets last night, I’m very excited. Been on my to-do list for four years now.

  • Relevan

    I’ve been going every year for something like 6 or maybe 7 years now; one of which was during my short tenure at DC Comics, so that was working behind the scenes in a booth… interacting with the fans… *shudder* Other than that, there are some fantastic animation panels, particularly the Random! Cartoons one last year. Seeing Pen Ward, the man behind “Adventure Time” was awesome.

    Thanks for reminding me with this post, I gotta register!