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Sanjay Patel at the Asian Art Museum

Sanjay Patel

If you’re in San Francisco, you’ll want to head to the Asian Art Museum sometime before April 22 to catch “Deities, Demons and Dudes with ‘Staches: Indian Avatars by Sanjay Patel.” The one-man show by Sanjay Patel, who works by day at Pixar, is an extension of his illustrated book projects that explore Hindu religion and iconography through a contemporary lens–The Little Book of Hindu Deities and Ramayana: Divine Loophole. The photos I’ve seen of the show online–wildly colorful large-scale murals spanning entire walls of the musuem–are sufficiently impressive. If you’ve seen the show in person, share your thoughts about it.

  • I caught the show back in December-it’s well worth a trip- just seeing Sanjay’s thumbnail sketches blown up to 20 feet in the lobby is worth the admission! The room dedicated to his artwork shown in the photo above is basically the whole show but fantastic nonetheless-like being inside one of his illustrations!

    The exhibition is running in conjunction with the Maharaja show but Sanjay’s vivid, contemporary graphics blows it out of the water!

  • Matt Sullivan

    I remember Sanjay! Nice guy! Looks awesome!

  • Vikash

    I’ve been following Sanjay Patel’s work for quite some time. His books and artwork are mesmerizing. Cannot wait to make the trip to SF and catch the exhibition.

  • Aaloka

    Sanjays art moves me… Sanjay, if you are reading this, I would love to pose nude for you. Maybe you could get some inspiration?

  • Steven Ng

    During his Q&A at the Museum, Sanjay said he was especially happy to see his images in all the advertising billboards in the BART stations and around the city and bay area. There is some wooden construction fencing along the sidewalks where the parade of Sanjay’s figures lead the way to the Museum entrance.