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SDCC ’09: Jerry Beck

I’m driving down to San Diego today and will be wandering the Comic Con dealers room tonight. I have two big commitments, so if you are looking for me these are the only two places/times I’m guaranteed to be at:

• Thursday morning at 10:30am (note the new time), I’m moderating the Astro Boy Panel, showing clips from the forthcoming movie and doing a Q&A with director David Bowers, producer Maryanne Grager, and stars Freddie Highmore and Kristen Bell. In Room 6BCF.

•Friday night at 9pm, I’m screening The Worst Cartoons Ever! All-new, all terrible, all hilarious. In Room 6BCF.

So come to my panels and say hello. Beyond this, I will be spending the next four days wandering the con, trying to get into panels, looking for comics, meeting up with friends, and simply hanging out.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I still need a copy of last year’s program. That Mighty Mr. Titan cartoon haunts me…

  • I was at the Comic-Con show and want to mention one little thing: I forget the name of the cartoon, but the villains were Russian and it was strongly implied that they were being referred to as “Space Sniggers.” In my opinion they were being called “Space-Nik-ers” as in the humorous way Boris and Natasha were “No-Good-Niks.”

    This isn’t as funny as the interpretation heard by the audience. There were shocked gasps where I was sitting, and an African American I was sitting nearby shifted uneasily in his seat (Perhaps not so much at the sound of the term as by the squeals of appreciative laughter.)

    Awesome show, I’ll be there next year, and thanks!