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SDCC ’09: More Books!

In the run up to the Comic Con next week, I’ll be posting on several unique events and items that might be of interest to our readers. Click on thumbnails above to see larger images.

First up, Steve Worth and the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive have reprinted a deluxe two-volume edition of Eugene “Zim” Zimmerman’s (1862-1935) legendary 1914 cartooning course. This is a jaw-dropping compilation of classic cartoon art and theory, illustrated with nearly 1,000 B&W illustrations and 22 hand-tipped color plates. Ralph Bakshi provides the foreword to this reprint. The two volumes will be available beginning July 23rd at ASIFA-Hollywood’s booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. (Booth #5334: To the right of the main entrance, against the lobby side wall.) Quantities are very limited. Copies will also be available for sale on ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive website soon after.

For more information on Eugene “Zim” Zimmerman, samples of his artwork and about his cartooning course, see Asifa-Hollywood’s Animation Archive.

In The Cryptid Case Files, animator Beth Sleven takes us inside a top secret government agency whose sole purpose is to hunt and capture monsters. Inspired by her love of the “B” monster-movie genre, Slevin has created a full-color, 72 page illustrated narrative that will delight monster-move addicts and animation fans alike.

The Cryptid Case Files will debut at Comic Con, where Slevin will have a booth and be on hand for a signing Saturday July 25th. The book will be available for purchase August 2009 at

And finally, Stuart Ng – Booth 5012 at the East end of the exhibit hall – is a must-visit. Stuart will be having signings with Peter de Seve, Eric Goldberg and others during the course of the show. Stuart will also have copies of Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Don Shank & Nate Wragg’s Ancient Book of Sex and Science — a collection of paintings by four Pixar artist-designers, the second of four planned books (with an introduction by Pete Docter). This book will also be available at its publisher’s booth, Red Window (booth #4800), and at Gallery Nucleus (booth #2329).

  • well, not completely true…we’ll have SEX AND SCIENCE at the RED WINDOW booth, 4800, as we published it. We’ll also have a very few limited editions of the book available, but outside of us, Stuart and Gallery Nucleus are the only places with stock of the book, so definitely visit either Stuart or Don Shank and I at 4800, or Stuart or Nucleus outside of the con.

  • Scott – I’ve corrected/updated the post above.

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much Jerry!
    I just have a small follow up.
    I don’t actually have a booth this year. However I will be doing a guest signing at booth #2207 at 1pm on Saturday the 25th.
    Hope to see everyone there! : )

  • Thanks for the heads up, all good selections!
    Really looking forward to tracking down the Zimmerman.

  • Brian

    Man, I live about one mile from Stuart Ng’s store, and have for 20 years, and I’ve yet to visit. Keep meaning to, though. For sure I’ll stop by the booth!!

    Actually, maybe this will remind me to visit the store tomorrow, I think they’re open.

  • Steven Ng

    Stuart Ng Books is packed up in boxes and we’re loading up for San Diego on Sunday. Stuart will reopen the shop on Sat. August 8th. He expects to bring back many good books debuting at the con.

  • I’m in San Diego and I finally got to see the Zim books. They look incredible. The printer did a spectacular job. They actually look better than the source material.