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SDCC ’09: Jeremy Bernstein

Animation artist Jeremy Bernstein will be at booth C05 from Thursday to Sunday with his new book: Neon Lights in the Golden Hour. It’s filled with illustrations of owls and poetry. 56 pages. 28 illustrations. 28 original poems. Full color. 6 x 9. Only 200 copies printed! Plus every buyer will get a drawing done inside as well as a 4×3 sticker. Check out Jeremy’s blog to see more images.

  • This drawing is a little freaky – if you understand that great horned owls can create 900 lbs. of pressure per talon. Ranger verified story: a turkey hunter in full camo was killed by an owl who thought he looked like a decent perch to sit on (“he looked like a fence post to me”, would say Mr. Owl). Apparently, the human skull is no barrier to these silent hunters. Now who wants to wear an owl on their head?

  • Go Jeremy Go! Can’t wait to pick this one up!