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Serge Bromberg bringing 3D cartoons to San Francisco

French film collector, archivist and Annecy Animation Festival creative director Serge Bromberg will present Retour de Flamme: Rare and Restored Films in 3-D on May 1st at San Francisco’s famed Castro Theatre.

Bromberg will be honored with the 2011 Mel Novikoff Award for his invaluable work as “a collector, preservationist, exhibitor, programmer and enthusiast of cinematic treasures”. On Sunday May 1st at 5pm, he will accept the award and then dazzle the audience of the 54th San Francisco International Film Festival (April 21 – May 5) with his collection dedicated to stereoscopic 3D shorts. The program includes rareties by the Lumière Brothers, Georges Méliès, Norman McLaren, Charley Bowers, Chuck Jones and the Disney Studios, films from the Soviet Union and contemporary shorts by Matthew O’Callaghan and Pixar’s John Lasseter.

Films will include Coyote Falls (Matthew O’Callaghan, USA 2010, 3 min); Falling in Love Again (Munro Ferguson, Canada 2003, 4 min); The Infernal Boiling Pot (George Méliès, France 1903, 2 min); Knick Knack (John Lasseter, USA 1989, 4 min); Lumber-Jack Rabbit (Chuck Jones, USA 1954, 7 min); Melody (Ward Kimball, USA 1953, 10 min); Motor Rhythm (John Norling, USA 1940, 15 min); Musical Memories (Dave Fleischer, USA 1935, 7 min); Working for Peanuts (Jack Hannah, USA 1953); and many many others.

Tickets are $15 for San Francisco Film Society members and $20 for the general public. For tickets and information visit The box office is now open for members and on March 30th for the general public. For more information visit I highly recommend you attend this incredible screening.

  • A Méliès film in 3D?

    Apparently this is a modern reconstruction based on the practice of shooting with two cameras simultaneously to have an extra negative for duplication purposes.

    Wish I could see that.

  • I didn’t know Musical Memories was in 3D (except the 3D sets) and I’m looking forward to the Charley Bowers short. I’m so there, it will be good to see the McLaren & Kimball pieces in 3D again.

    • He showed Musical Memories as an example of 2D using a 3D process (Fleischer even erroneously named the process stereoscopic). And the “Charley Bowers” short was Motor Rhythm which he introduced as created by an unnamed animator, perhaps Bowers, but judging by the work it probably wasn’t. And he didn’t show any McLaren. So I had already seen all the animated pieces at the Expo in LA, still he is a very entertaining speaker and the presentation was excellent. Plus the Melies shorts were amazing.

  • The G Man

    I am SO there.

  • Degeaffusunuman

    I saw this show when it played at the academy. It is very excellent. The 3D looks great on all of them except for the one presented in anaglyph.

  • Justin Delbert

    Hold on a second! Musical Memories was originaly released in 3D?

  • Ohh!!! I would love to see this shorts, but I live far away from San Francisco.

    Do you know if any of this films is avaible?


  • N. W. Smith

    Given how much Cartoon Brews regular contributers flog 3-D animation with one hand, should it also be actively promoting it with the other one?

    Just askin’.