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Serge Bromberg in Brooklyn


Calling all New Yorkers. Check out Treasures from a Chest at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) this Friday.

The annual program, mostly live action, presents rare silent films curated by film preservationist/entertainer Serge Bromberg (artistic director of the Annecy International Animation Festival). Bromberg’s Lobster Films archive is one of the best in the world – and Serge is one of the world’s great animation historians and film preservation heroes. The program at BAM is distilled from nearly 200 pounds of old film discovered in a hidden chest in a house in France, and includes comedies, fantasies, trick films, newsreels, cartoons, and “talkiesâ€? selected to recreate the magic of the first cinema screenings. Bromberg will be present for live piano accompaniment and commentary. If I were in New York on Friday, I’d have a front row seat (as it is, I’ll be in Burbank celebrating June Foray that night). Click here for more information. Go!

  • Lobster Films Rules! Hooray for Toby the Pup!

  • Bill Field

    Crazy thing is Ray Pointer and I were discussing these types of discoveries right before we heard about this, but he’s West Coast, I’m Tex Coast, and Ray’s got RockyJune’s birthday party to attend, as does Jerry… SO-Youse guys in New Yawk needs to sees this one!