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SPARK Animation Festival

If you are anywhere near the Pacific Northwest this weekend, head on over to Spark Animation ’08, an animation festival and state-of-the-art showcase sponsored by SIGGRAPH ACM Vancouver.

The festival started yesterday and will run through Sunday night. All of the events are ‘a la carte’ so you can select which events you want to attend and buy tickets for those, either online or at the door. Featured guests include Mark Osborne & John Stevenson (directors of Kung Fu Panda), Jimmy Hayward & Steve Martino (directors of Horton Hears a Who!), Ed Hooks (author: Acting for Animators), and me, Jerry Beck (screening The Worst Cartoons Ever! on Saturday night, 7pm at the Vancity Theatre). Bill Plympton’s latest feature, a Marv Newland retrospective and Leslie Iwerks’ The Pixar Story are among the special screenings. A party following my screening is free for all festival-goers – come by and say hello!

Full schedule and ticket ordering info is posted here.

  • Chuck R.

    I can’t make it, :-( but thanks for posting that very fun logo!
    Someone should get credit for that!

  • Hurray! Already booked my tickets for a nice full Saturday including The Worst Cartoons Ever!
    Look forward to seeing you up here in the west coast Jerry!

    – Cale

  • Illustrations by Simon Oxley –
    Design and Art Direction by

    This festival is worth for the T-Shirts alone – they’re awesome!

  • Sly


    Illustrations by Simon Oxley (
    Art Direction by Gerard Whelan (
    Motion Graphics by

    Creative Direction by Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH :-D

  • Iain

    I was there enjoying all the crap that was shown there last night.

    My favourite was Paddy the Pelican, cause it’s just so weird and at the end of the cartoon, due to the bad animation and overly quick dialouge, I was thinking “What the hell is going on?”

    I also noted out Paul Frees’ voice work in the intro with Jerry, and I accidentaly said “Scrooge McDuck” instead of “Ludwing Von Drake” because they’re sorta similar, I mean they have big ass mansions and they’re all knowing and stuff like that. Maybe Scrooge and Von Drake are cousins.