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Starting Tomorrow: New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival

Tomorrow is the opening night of the New York International Children’s Film Festival. The festival is a terrific way for New Yorkers to see foreign animated features that would otherwise be difficult to catch stateside. The opening night film—the much-anticipated Ernest and Celestine—is sold out, but it’ll screen again at the festival on Sunday, March 17. Other highlights include the US premiere of Goro Miyazaki’s From Up on Poppy Hill, the intriguing Euro-anime The Day of the Crows, and the English-language world premiere of French animation legend Jean-François Laguionie’s The Painting.

Other features that might be worth checking out include Welcome to the Space Show, Zarafa and Kirikou and the Men and the Women. See the full festival line-up HERE.

  • Eric Graf

    It’s obviously not the US premiere of “Poppy Hill”, since it was eligible for Best Animated Feature in the just-completed Oscars. (It ran at the Laemmle No-Ho 7 in November. )

    it might be the premiere of the English dub though.

    Note to New Yorkers – see “Ernest and Celestine” by any means necessary.

    • Yeah, waiting for the DVD…hopefully they a) include the original french audio and b) don’t throw a bunch of inappropriate celeb voices at the dub.

  • didn’t THE PAINTING play at the American Cinematheque’s Aero Theatre in December? Regardless, I can’t wait to see these!

  • Natalie Belton

    Too Bad I live on the West Coat :(

  • Tomm

    Ernest and celestine is the most perfectly crafted cartoon you will see .. Please go and see it ….