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Talkin’ about TERRYTOONS

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  • Eddy Houchins


    I trained under a Terrytoons animator, Jim Hiltz, when I was learning my chops in Montreal, Canada in the early ’80’s. Jim had worked on Heckle and Jeckyll and Mighty Mouse along with Tom Terrific and several others. He went on to work with Bill Melendez and did a very long stint with Jay Ward. Jim died a couple of months ago at 85.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Great show, guys. I was almost certain that you were going to have to extend it to an additional show, but you did it.

    Quick question on Hector Heathcote: All the sources I’ve read tell that Hector was a scientist that went back in time to the American Revolutionary era, but is that actually covered in one of the cartoons (or possibly, the show’s opening titles)? I’ve never seen it, and YouTube has very few episodes available.

    • dbenson

      I thought the premise was simply an inept little guy in revolutionary times, although they’d casually drop him (and dog Winston and villain Benedict) into other early American settings (Lewis & Clark, the railroads, etc). I have no memory of Hector in any modern setting, as a time-traveller or otherwise.

      I remember the series. The opening was simply Hector running around a colonial town and talking to the camera.

      Also, remember Sidney — more neurotic than absent-minded. Vividly recall his sidekicks were a giraffe who sounded like Carol Channing and a lion who sounded like Ned Sparks.

    • I’m pretty confident time-traveler-Hector is an urban legend that began in some 1980s reference book—though maddeningly, I’m still not 100% sure.

      If he were actually from the 20th century, I imagine he’d constantly be referencing modern times while living in 1776—which I’ve never seen him do.

  • TheDirtyVicar

    Long live Heckle and Jeckle, Dimwit, Oil Can Harry, Gandy Goose and Sourpuss, The Mighty Heroes, Deputy Dawg, Muskie, Vincent Van Gopher, Chesty, Little Roquefort, Hashimoto, Tom Terrific, Mighty Mouse, etc….!!

  • John A

    Terrytoons may not have been the most critically acclaimed studio of the bunch, but they knew how to create lots of popular characters. Good characters will overcome weak stories and cheap animation.That’s why they’ve lasted so long.

  • rnigma

    If I hadn’t seen Art Bartsch’s sig on that Mighty Mouse cover, I would have pegged that as a Jim Tyer illo…
    And Sidney was the only Gene Deitch character to outlast his stay at Terrytoons.
    I never heard about the Hector-as-time-traveler concept. I’ve always thought of him as a sort of Zelig, being present at various points of American history.

    • John A

      I don’t know much about Hector, I’ve only seen a few of them, but they may have some of the facts mixed up with another cartoon made around the same time called (I think) Lumo,the flying horse, a cartoon about a boy with a magic toy pegasus that would come to life and fly him to to different periods in history.

  • John A

    That top illustraion would be the perfect poster for a 3-D Mighty Mouse film.