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Everything That Happened During Tex Avery Day

Last Saturday the town of Taylor, Texas held their first-ever Tex Avery Day in honor of their hometown animation hero. They hope to turn it into an annual event. Cartoon Brew reader Matthew Kordelski attended and has written a comprehensive report of everything that he saw. A bunch of photos were also taken by Drew DeGennaro, some of which are posted below.

The attendees ate Tex Avery cake (click for closer view):

They unveiled a Texas state historical marker dedicated to their hero (click for closer view):

They handed out buttons (click for closer view):

They invited a Tex Avery impersonator:

They had costumed Looney Tunes characters—two of which Avery had nothing to do with, but it’s the thought that counts (click for closer view):

There were back-alley shenanigans (photo by Joe O’Connell):

They watched this documentary about Avery and then watched a bunch of cartoons that were not directed by Avery…oops!(click for closer view):

A mural of Tex Avery was created by artist Tim Kerr and painted by the youth group Project LOOP.

Personally, I might have chosen a more recognizable shot of Avery, but the mural is indeed based on an existing photo of Avery:

Here is a video about the making of the mural:

All in all, it looks like a good time was had by all, and the festivities couldn’t have been in honor of a more worthy individual!

  • JP

    I made a multi-hour drive to Taylor last weekend as well. I was a little disappointed with the low-quality costumed characters (especially, as Amid points out, two that had nothing to do with Avery). Six Flags Over Texas is only a couple of hours north. Couldn’t they have borrowed a legit Bugs outfit? Then again, these were local kids in the spirit of the occasion, and you couldn’t help but admire their zeal in participating.

    The most disappointing element of the affair was the selection of cartoons. They simply screened the DVD of LTGC, Volume 2, Disc 1 (Bugs Bunny Masterpieces) which only contains two Avery shorts (The Heckling Hare and Tortoise Beats Hare). Out of respect, I sat through the first 8 shorts just to get to the first real Tex Avery piece. The majority of the audience didn’t seem to know any better. They were having fun, and I suppose it was nice just to expose a new generation to the Looney Tunes characters in general.

    I’d likely go back again next year if the event was well-planned out. Perhaps instead of complaining, I should volunteer to help organize a better set list — maybe even providing a little historical context for each short.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Couldn’t they have dressed up a local dame and called her “Red”? At least that’s a thought that came to my head. Instead of Marvin and Sam it could’ve been Red and the Wolf character. That would’ve worked well if they could find a wolf’s head to stick on somebody in a tux.

      • SarahJesness

        … If I lived in Taylor, Texas I TOTALLY would’ve volunteered to dress up as Red.

  • Roberto Severino

    I hope the people behind the event stumble upon this blog somehow and really take the suggestions here into consideration.

  • Landon Kemp

    I attended myself, since I’m currently living in Austin. Not what I hoped it to be, but it was fine. I do plan to write about it at some point myself.

  • Roberto González

    I think the off-model Yosemite Sam and Marvin looks horrible but for some reason I find the off-model Bugs kind of cool and nicer to look at than the costumes in WB Movie World or WB Theme Park in Madrid. It’s kind of an UPA design of Bugs, looks great to me.

  • popyea

    I would love a road trip movie starring those three in the costumes.

  • Toonio

    Say whatever you please, but this tribute looks sincere, honest and not another lame platform to milk cash from people (I’m talking about you Disney Corp).

    Tip of the hat to people of Taylor Texas. Which seems to be the last bastion of integrity in deeply corrupted to the neck Texas.

    God bless Taylor and Tex.

  • Jon

    It’s nice to hope that by the next Tex Avery Day celebration in Taylor, Warner will have issued a complete collection of Avery’s Warner and MGM cartoons, restored from the best vault materials they have. Unfortunately, given the increasing lack of interest Warner is showing in classic animation, I’ve pretty much lost hope that this will ever happen.

  • Ac

    Really wish I could have gone, looked fun. Looking forward to what you have in store for years upcoming SAM. ;-)

  • Funkybat

    It’s good to hear that the organizers were aware of their shortcomings when it comes to this event, but the biggest faux pas to me is that the cartoon selection was not more carefully curated. It is not difficult in this day and age to determine which shorts Tex had directed or not, which characters he created or not, and limit the shorts shown to a selection of those.

  • Hairypolack

    home made costumes ALWAYS win over store bought ones! So those kids who made those costumes win WIN WIN!