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The 80s Pop Show in Philly

The Autumn Society is a group of artists who started in Philadelphia and are now expanding worldwide. Their 80s POP art exhibit premieres this Friday, June 5th in Philadelphia:

The 80s POP Show! is a collection of artwork inspired by movies, cartoons, and video games from the amazing and imaginary era of the 1980s. The opening party starts Friday at 6pm, at Brave New Worlds Comics. The show features the works of Alex Leighton from Mukpuddy Animation, as well as the talented character designers Brianne Drouhard and Tara Billinger.

Below (click thumbnails to enlarge) is some of the work on exhibit from Craig Parrillo (left), Brianne Drouhard, Guayapizco and Jessika von Innerebner.

  • I need that Scrooge McDuck badly.

  • Anonymous D. Tractor

    No offense to any of the artists involved (many of whom are very talented), but must we endlessly revisit something that wasn’t very good in the first place? Just sayin…

  • I’m so Excited, I peed my pants Gregory!!!
    but i too agree with mr D. Tractor, i wish there was more shows exploring 70’s animation, like racist, rotoscoped Ralph Bakshi movies and those wonderful superfriends cartoons! talk about wizardy!

  • I guess it’s when most of us were kids in the 80’s so that’s why we’re sentimental them! Just as you would be about any decade you grew up in!

  • Joey Waggoner

    Does any one knows how long the show will be displayed.

  • The show will be up for the entire month of June. And I agree with Mukpuddy. If you don’t like the 80s, that’s cool, but if you do, please stop by! Just wait til July, we are doing the golden age of animation and comics, which is sure to please many! :)

  • Anonymous D. Tractor

    Hahah! Touche, Mr. Sheckler.

  • Have u loled yet? Cuz i have! At u!