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The Art of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Art of Yo Gabba Gabba

This Saturday, July 11, in Minneapolis, the Pink Hobo Gallery (507 E. Hennepin Ave.) will host an art show “The Art of Yo Gabba Gabba!” featuring artwork from the Nick Jr. TV series. Among the items on display: never-before-seen original drawings and sketches from the show’s creator and lead designer Parker Jacobs, props used in the show, and original production artwork from the show’s guest artists including King Mini, Mark Mothersbaugh, Option-G, Panda Panther, Megan Brain, Aaron Stewart, Mitch Loidolt, Tim Sievert, Julia Vickerman, and Tanya Haden. The opening is between 5pm and 1am. The show will continue to run after this weekend, but beware that the gallery doesn’t keep normal hours because it’s located in the offices of the production company Puny Entertainment. More details are available on this Facebook invite.

  • Now that is something I’d love to see. Damn the Atlantic Ocean for blocking my path to this show.

    I’ve really grown to love Yo Gabba Gabba! It’s a guilty pleasure in that I make my daughter watch it even though she doesn’t actually like it. I just want to watch it.

    In terms of style and direction, I find the show to be very brave. Certainly compared with much of the bland fare dominating shows for younger children.

    I wish I could see this show.

    And meet DJ Lance.

  • Oh wow, I was totally unaware that Mark Mothersbaugh, formerly connected with the pop band, Devo, is now involved in cartoons! I’ll have to check out the TV show, itself, sometime.

  • TheGunheart

    Having never watched the show, I have to ask: who’s faces are those depicted in the logo there? And are they puppets or actual cartoons on the show itself?

  • They’re a couple of the main characters, who are people in big cartoony suits. Like Godzilla, only cuter.

  • Kyle

    Those eyes are Foofa and Toodee, the two female characters on the show, much like sports team mascots instead of puppets or cartoons.

    Mark Mothersbaugh has been involved with cartoons like Rugrats on Nick, doing the music for the show. He appears in YGG episodes doing drawing sessions much like Bill Cosby and Picture Pages from years ago.

    YGG is an incredible show with much imagination, fun and excitement. It’s a refreshing take on children’s programming and I hope it stays on the air for a long, long time. They feature animation from a lot of fantastic artists.

    Oh, I wish I could get to this show, too. And I wish that Nick would release the episodes themselves on DVD and Blu-Ray. (I know they’re on iTunes.)

  • Ah! The show I hate to love…It’s annoying and amusing at the same time. Who can resist that?-Jack Black should be a regular.


    i WISH i COULD go!!!!! I absolutely LOVE YO GABBA GABBA! At first I di not like it. It was annoying to me. But then I noticed how hip and awesome it was! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! I live in Texas and I really wish I could go but sadly no. boo hoo! But oh well. All I have to say is,
    Also, I hope Yo Gabba Gabba goes a long way through th animation buisness! Keep on goin YO GABBA GABBA!