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Forget D23.

A genuine animation expo is shaping up for this November in Burbank – and even Cartoon Brew will have a presence at the event. Tina Price (former Disney character designer and an animator herself) is putting together the CTN Expo at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center – conveniently located across the street from the Burbank Airport and an Amtrak Station – on Friday November 20th through Sunday, November 22nd.
My advice: Be there.

This may be the only place where you’ll be able to meet so many international animation industry professionals under one roof. Among those already committed to speak at this event: illustrator Peter de Sève, director Don Bluth, comics artist Mike Mignola, art director Andy Gaskill, character designer Harald Siepermann, Dreamworks animtors Dave Burgess and Jason Ryan, production designers Alex McDowell and Kathy Altieri and on and on. Some of the artist exhibitors will include Damon Bard, Brittney Lee, Ben Balistreri, David Colman, Robin Joseph and Kathy Zielinski.

Disney, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Digital Domain, Exodus Filmgroup and other companies will have recruiters there to look at portfolios. Cartoon Brew will host an artists-only VIP lounge area. There is much, much more to this event and we’ll be posting updates in the upcoming weeks. Consider this an advance head’s up.

Early bird tickets are $25 for the exhibit floor only, $50 for a day pass and $125 for a 3-day pass. Early bird deadline is Sept. 30, 2009. Discounted rates are available to students, active military and professional industry organizations. Space is strictly limited at this groundbreaking event. Click here for more information or to register or call (800) 604-2238 and mention the special member discount code (BeckX09) to obtain an extra 10% off any 1-day or 3-day professional/general passport.

  • Dang it. I wish I knew about the special discount code before I purchased my ticket… oh well, maybe I’ll buy a second day pass. And still– Woo-hoo! So looking forward to this!

  • Robert Barker

    So, it’s not really an event for animation fans, huh? It would seem like a great chance for screenings of new and classic animation, but it seems to be more of an industry thing. Am I right?

  • Robert – There won’t be screenings of classic cartoons, but fans can enjoy the autograph sessions and artist signings as well as live demonstrations and panel discussions with the industry’s current leading lights. Whether you are a professional, student or simply a fan, everyone will leave this event with more than they walked in. Screenings both Fri and Sat are TBA. Check our website (or updates on Cartoon Brew) for more programming information as we get closer to the event.
    Hope to see you there!

  • *Wow.. i guess it’s ‘who’ you know in this industry to make something like this happen. Congrats Tina.

    For us canadian folk, i guess we still have the Ottawa Fest., which is fast approaching btw.

  • I’m in! With Tina behind the wheel, I am quite sure this will be something not to be missed. With her organization and bringing in the talent giants listed above, I can’t wait to be a part of this event!


  • akira

    oh, whew! from a quick glance at the title and the picture, i thought this article was going to say that the cartoon network (CTN) building where they used to do the cartoons, was being turned into a Marriott convention center.

  • I second mark’s comment. Looks like Tina Price and team is putting together a great 3 days.

    really looking forward to it.

  • I look forward to this as well. After some thought, I am going ahead in my plan to purchase tickets. Hope to see many of you Brew commenters there!