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The Golden Age Show

Once again, Chogrin and his art group, The Autumn Society are holding a gallery show (their fourth) at Brave New Worlds Comics in Philadelphia. The theme this time is golden age of comics and animation. They’ve got many guest artists from the animation industry like Bob MckNight, Oscar Grillo, Brianne Drouhard, Mike Collins, and Tara Billinger. That’s artist Matt Cavanaugh’s contribution above.

And for those who cannot make it to Philly, here is a gallery of pics taken at the opening last Friday, and here are several of my favorite pieces in the show (click thumbnails below to enlarge): Bob McKnight doing the Fox and Crow, Hammerson interprets the Fleischer Universe, Chogrin presents Popeye vs. Superman, Tara Billinger does Oswald, Mike Collins imagines Captain Felix, and Guayapizco gives us his version of Popeye. There are many many more great pieces on display there all month.

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  • top cat james

    Ooh, there’s so much great stuff here! I’d love to have that Fox and Crow and Woody tippin’ the jug on a t-shirt.

    Will there be an exhibit catalog we can purchase?

  • You can view many of the pieces featured in the show online here:


  • thanks for the kind words. it was a great thing to be a part of!

  • Niki

    I saw the top middle Betty Boop in my DA account, I saw when he first posted it!

  • Isaac

    The pieces by Matt Cavanaugh, Bob McKnight, and Hammerson really grab me. Popeye contrasted with the tattoo artist, it’s brilliant.

  • This is some of the most inspired and creative work I’ve ever seen done with many of these classic characters. I would love to buy a print of the pieces by Hammerson, Cavanaugh and McKnight especially. If this exhibit is any indication of the talents they posess these artists are sure to have sucessful careers ahead of them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The Bob McKnight piece looks like something I want to see on a home video cover!

  • So cool! Love the Oswald on runaway train painting.

  • That is one FANTASTIC take on the Fox and Crow there – possibly the newest thing ever made with these guys. Wonderfully faithful to John Hubley’s rendition…although now I’m game to see how they’d look in Frank Tashlin and Bob Wickersham’s style. Top marks to McKnight there :D

  • doug holverson

    So where is the line drawn between some ironic and incongruous tweaks on cartoon characters being inspired and clever (here) and being bland and cliched (the Fallen Princesses and others)?

  • Isaac

    @doug holverson: Style and substance. As you can see in Matt Cavanaugh’s piece, there’s plenty of style and plenty of substance, and that’s what separates art from the realms of blandness and cliché.