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The Greatest Cartoons Ever! (Part 3)

Looking for something to do after all the presents have been opened and all the parties are over? On Saturday, December 29th at 2 & 7 pm, The Alex Film Society (of which I am a part of) will be presenting the 3rd annual Greatest Cartoons Ever event at The Alex Theatre in Glendale California (216 N. Brand Boulevard).

Each year we select eight great cartoon shorts from the golden age of animation, then project rare 35mm film prints (some of them in original Technicolor; all of the from the studio vaults) on the large Alex Theatre screen. Great characters, great films and an incredible movie-going experience.

This year, our classic animated program will include films from Warner Bros., Disney, MGM and even an amazing pre-sound classic from the Paramount’s Fleischer Studio. (I’ll post the titles of the specific cartoons being shown in a reminder post right after Christmas). Asifa-Hollywood president Frank Gladstone and I will be there to introduce the program.

General Admission: $15 general admission; $12.50 seniors/kids & groups of 15 or more.

Advance tickets are on sale now online or you can buy them before the show at the box office. Hope to see you there!

The Alex Theatre
216 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

  • An amazing pre-sound classic from the Fleischers? Sounds like Koko’s Earth Control to me.

  • Jonathan

    Wish I could go… That Theater looks amazing!

  • Walt

    I visited the theater for the first time a few months back. I was there for the Chuck Jones event and had an great time. Definitely going to this!!