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The San Diego Comic Con is Coming!


Still in Portland, but I’m already looking forward to going San Diego for the Comic Con — only four weeks away!

I have two things on my schedule for San Diego so far: 1. A POPEYE DVD panel scheduled for 4pm on Thursday July 26th (room to be announced later) and 2. my all-new WORST CARTOONS EVER screening at 9pm on Friday July 27th in Room 6CDEF. If you want to meet me, here are two great ways to find me.

More details on these and other events for animation fans will be posted on Brew later in the month as we get closer to the date. Hope to see you there!

  • Que bonito es San Diego :)

  • Christopher Cook

    I am so there, Jerry.

    I go out to San Diego each summer, part for the convention and part conjugal visit–I was born in SoCal, so I like to see areas I lived in as a child. (I’m currently outside Atlanta GA.)

  • I’ll be there at Worst Cartoons and any adjournment of discussions thereof to bars afterwards :)

  • I’ll be there!

  • ALL NEW Worst Cartoons Ever? Did you say ALL new? I shudder to think what you have unearthed for us. Brrrrr! Woo, scary boys and girls!

    Oh yeah, any chance there will be advance sales of the Popeye box set at SDCCI? I want it for the train trip home.

  • I’ll be there, Jerry! (Both of those.) Thanks for all you do for us Popeye fans! And those of us who choose to torment ourselves with frightening animation. ;)