The State of NY Animated Features The State of NY Animated Features

The State of NY Animated Features

There’s a great ASIFA-East panel coming up this Tuesday, September 23, in New York. It’s billed as a panel discussion on the state of NY animated features with panelists Emily Hubley, Daniel Kanemoto, Bill Plympton, Michael Sporn and Tatia Rosenthal. Every single one of these artists is currently making or has made an animated feature in the past year. Other East Coasters who aren’t on the panel but could be added to this list are Nina Paley and Paul Fierlinger. Never before in the history of animation have so many indie animated features been produced. We’re currently in the middle of an animation revolution and this panel will try to give some perspective to this unique moment in the history of the art form. How are these features being made? Who’s supporting them? Where is all this headed? There’s a lot to talk about. I’m moderating the panel and I’m really looking forward to having this discussion with such an esteemed group of filmmakers. Best of all, admission is FREE. It takes place at the School of Visual Arts (209 East 23rd Street in the 3rd floor Amphitheater).

  • I wish I could be present at this panel. I’m sure it’s going to be very interesting and I hope that Amid or somebody present writes it up in detail.

    The questions I have all center around financing, distribution and marketing. Where’s the money coming from? How are these films going to be distributed? Theatrically? Straight to DVD? Online? What’s the financial model for making back the budget? Does anyone have money for marketing or are they dependent on their distributors (if any) to publicize the film?

    I know how much effort it takes to create a feature and I’m not minimizing it for a second. All these film makers have undertaken a Herculean task. However, after all that effort is expended, will the feature have a life past completion and a few festival showings?

    When independent film makers (animated or otherwise) solve this problem, then we’re looking at dawn of a new day.

  • kenneth kahn

    I’m not sure if this is important, but this article is dated September 18, 2008. Today only being September 17, 2008 I think it’s neat how you offer future predictions (anything useful on the stock market ).

    Seriously, you might want to check the date of your server or workstation.

  • Yeah, I’d be interested to read more about this one too.

    On a side note – no mention of the Cartoon Forum in Ludwigsburg? Well, I’m going to get in before AWN’s Ron Diamond does his obligatory write-up so you’ll find live (sort of) reporting of projects over at my blog and then I’ll go into what the word on the (cartoon) street was when I get back.

    But you guys should do your own bit of coverage, even if most of the projects will inevitably be mostly cack.

  • I wish I could be there too – but I’m in Israel. Best wishes to all you indie animators in New York!

  • Bob Harper

    I’m with Mark, please broadcast or detail the discussion for all of us who are trying to do the same, but are out here on the other side. Many of us are inspired by this movement and would benefit from any info we can get.

  • Nisa

    Hey Amid,
    Just making sure… this event is on Tuesday the 23rd right? (your post said the 22nd)

  • jtruss

    Is anyone taping this and making it available? Fingers crossed.

  • amid

    Nisa: Yes, it’s Tuesday the 23rd. I’ve corrected the day in the post.

    And everybody who asked if it’s being taped or recorded, I really don’t know. That’s up to ASIFA-East.

  • ASIFA-East’s events are never really taped or recorded, but its pretty easy to ask permission. I’m sure someone could do it individually.

    I can’t wait for this panel. And I hope there is a revolution at hand, because it one I want to be a part of. Independent animated features have a lot of potential. They can be comercially successful too, except no need for cliche’s and repetition.

    Really looking forward to it.

  • bug

    what time does this start?

  • chris doyle

    I am an animator turned director turned producer and have also just finished my own feature (albeit with a christmas theme to make sure I live another day) and it will have world wide distribution (depending on the country, cinema, DVD).
    I could write a book about what I have gone through to get it made. My initial euforia was quickly squashed when the figures started rolling up and even though it is now made I still have to look forward to breathing a sigh of relief which will not come until I pay back the loan (my house a collateral) on it. No government grants, corporation funding, just me, the team and and an advance from one of the distributors. Basically the same story as so many indie live action films; boxes of credit cards etc. It was totally irresponsible really bur my life is hand drawn animation so there you have it.

  • Irene

    anyone know what time? the website did not say…or i missed it,

  • amid

    Irene: The panel begins at 7pm tonight. Time and address are posted on Hope to see you there.

  • Fun night. Thanks for the heads up. .

    For those that couldn’t make it, I noted a few things here:re: