The WB Cartoon Billboard returns! The WB Cartoon Billboard returns!

The WB Cartoon Billboard returns!

Remember the Warner Bros. cartoon mural that adorned the Burbank studio lot at Olive and Pass Avenues? I noted back in December that the studio took down the 15 year-old cartoon wall and I wondered what would take its place.

Well the good news is that Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and the animated DC Comics characters will return. In fact, you’re all invited to the public unveiling of the new billboard. Warner Bros. is holding a free, open to the public, Animation Celebration on Tuesday, April 7, 2009. At 7:00 p.m. a public entertainment program will precede the billboard reveal at 7:20pm. A live, special performance by the Beat Freaks, “the phenomenal all-girl dance crew from the 2009 edition of America’s Best Dance Crew.” The studio is encouraging people come dressed as your favorite DC Comic super hero (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc.) or other Looney Tunes or Hanna-Barbera character and there will be prize giveaways, including tickets to the Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour, as well as DVDs, toys and more. Free refreshments will be provided. Get there early… this is guaranteed to snarl traffic.

  • I wonder was this Warner Bros. plan from the very beginning or did the December posting nudge them in the appropriate direction. Ummm….. or am I wishfully thinking.

  • Bill Field

    ATTN: WARNER EXECS- why not have parties in other cities to commemorate this new start of WB’s Animation history- no matter how it may fail or succeed? The Animation fans and fanatics live ll over this great world- include …THE WORLD!!!!! —OK?

  • J Lee

    Please tell me they didn’t add any of the new Cartoon Network live-action characters to the billboard.

  • Stu

    Sounds like they left out the 1990’s WB animation characters, or was that just a verbal omission? People should be invited to come costumed as working animators, since they’re as equally mythic as cartoon characters today.

  • The whole event itself looks preety funny, but actually the only things I personally can’t stand are the presence of an unknown dance crew( that has nothing to do to with animation) and the fact that the event could be considered a “Rebirth” of the WB animation…recently we’ve been spectators of what someone called “New Rebirth of those Studios” with their last animated projects, which worthed a nothing and were just a huge waste of dollars and time, but at least – if we have to consider the unveiling of the Billboard as a new Beginning- let’s hope it will be good and positive and that many of the charachters we know and love won’t be massacred and ruined in the name of the Trends and Adaptation for a teenie audience (Looney Tunes Fans, you’ll surely understand what I mean!)

    Despite this Vent, I feel very optimistic: I’m curious to see the new Billboard and if it will feature good quality arts! Obviously we European Cartoon Brew followers except a post with many photos.

  • Driving past this as I often do I have seen what they are painting onto it, and it’s a lot of the new superhero designs from the dvd releases, and they’re all jumping about this way and that. On top some of the classic cartoons still are there, but it’s odd to see the classic cartoons overseeing these totally new angular flat cartoon designs….

    Yeah, it’s kind of a ‘busy’ image over all. Dunno if I like it. Granted it’s not fully finished, but we’ll see..

  • Autumn

    Oh thank God…

  • I watched it being made everyday this past month or so cause it’s on the way to my job. It had great potential in the first week when they only painted the silhouettes of Bugs and Daffy.

  • Nick

    My heart stopped after reading that December post, and now it’s finally pumping again.