THIS MONDAY: Mr. Magoo Screening in NY THIS MONDAY: Mr. Magoo Screening in NY

THIS MONDAY: Mr. Magoo Screening in NY

Pink and Blue Blues

UPA theatrical cartoons on the big screen are a rarity nowadays which is why I’m happy to point to an East Coast screening of Mister Magoo shorts this coming Monday, January 14, at the Jacob Burns Film Center (364 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY). Most intriguingly, the show listing promises NEW prints of Destination Magoo, Pink and Blue Blues, Trouble Indemnity, and When Magoo Flew, along with archival prints of Sloppy Jalopy and Magoo’s Cruise. Besides the fact that these cartoons are pretty funny, there is some terrific design, layout and background painting throughout, and it’s all the more striking when seen on the large screen. Screening times are 5:15pm and 7:15pm. More details at the Jacob Burns Film Center website.

(Thanks, Robert Schaad)

  • In August of 2007, a local cinema which does Midnight Movies every friday night, showed Dr. Strangelove. The film came with a Magoo cartoon attached. I don’t remember the title, but the premise ran that Magoo had been enlisted as some kind of wartime security officer. He ends up in a movie theatre with a western or maybe a space-alien film on, and flips out, thinking it’s the commies attacking or somesuch.

  • top_cat_james

    Kelly Toon,

    ” Magoo’s Private War” (1957)

  • Pedro Nakama

    Now let’s have a screening in LA LA LAnd!
    Hope nobody protests!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I would love to see ‘Gay Purree’,the best of UPA’s two theatrical features, on the big screen.