Art by Joe White Art by Joe White

This Thursday in Montreal: “Music of Hickee Mountain”

Art by Joe White

Tomorrow, April 26th, at 8pm is the opening of the art show “Music of Hickee Mountain” at Red Bird Studios (135 Avenue Van Horne, Montreal, QC). Many of the cartoonists and comic artists who comprise the Hickee collective also work in the animation industry at studios like LucasArts and Laika. The exhibiting nartists are Graham Annable, Scott Campbell, Razmig Marlian, Nathan Stapley, Joe White, Vamberto Maduro and Paul Brown. More artwork and details at the Hickee blog.

  • Kelly Tindall

    I dearly wish I could attend. Some mighty talents will be there.

  • That drawing is so good that I think I just became a better artist for having seen it.

  • Zee

    HURRAY!! I live in Montreal and will be going for sure!! I love the art by this group!!

  • Zee

    It was a fantastic show! I am soooo glad I didn’t miss it. It was great to meet the Hickee guys, and the artwork was spectacular! I discovered that I actually went to school with some of the hickee guys, we were in the same class back in 1990 in Sheridan’s animation program, small world. I bought a few hickee comics. It was the most inspirational art show I have ever seen. I really want to paint something now. I Thank the Hickee guys for coming to Montreal, too bad the weather sucks this week.