This Wed In LA: The Animated Films of Brent Green This Wed In LA: The Animated Films of Brent Green

This Wed In LA: The Animated Films of Brent Green

Almost didn’t hear about this event it’s so under the radar. Indie animator Brent Green is doing a screening in LA of his works which combine filmed animation with live music performance. The event is at 9pm, this Wednesday, August 15, at the Silent Movie Theatre (611 N. Fairfax, LA, CA 90036). Tickets are $10 and available at the door or can be purchased online. Find out more about Brent at Here’s a description of the program:

Brent Green is a self-taught, completely original animator from rural Pennyslvania, who plays music along with his short films, while narrating them live in freeform, semi-improvised sounding streams of words. He has a homegrown, handmade aesthetic, and an exhibition style deeply influenced by music performance:

“When I finish a film we do live shows with bands and sell DVD-R’s with hand-painted artwork,” Green says. “The bands improv the soundtracks and I yell the narration like a preacher. I get to work with artists I love –Califone, Sin Ropas, Garland of Hours and Brendan Canty from Fugazi.â€?

The New York Times called his films “some of the most original animations we have seen in years�. His work has played at Sundance, The Getty Museum, The Hammer, The Warhol Museum, and this is a rare chance to see him in an intimate, small theatre.

Below is Green’s intense and lovely stop-motion short Carlin shot with life-sized wooden characters and stuffed chickens in the farmhouse where he grew up.

  • Bill Field

    The frantic narration, the scary anticipation of the ultimate end as a downward spiral ensues, accompanied by the insect buzz and manic chickens, makes the out of control nature of the story connect with its viewers own memories and experiences. On one level hard to watch, on another, a joy to witness. Wow– really hauntingly beautiful!

  • Golly

    Glad to see more stuff like this happening in L.A…. seems like a pretty great venue for it. My only exposure to Mr. Green’s work was a massive, deformed, wooden grandfather clock– I think it was a sculpture for one of his films– it was on display at a gallery in Chelsea. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. I’m really looking forward to this screening, can’t really imagine what it’ll be like.

  • If any of you are in L.A., check it out. I had the pleasure to meet Brent Green not too long ago at the Walker Art Center – he’s a very interesting man. He is pretty under the radar, but while talking to him, he had a lot of good tips for young animators who wanted to get their work out their, or even receive grants! Green is a cool guy, and his films are something else.

  • But there’s no Popeye in this film!
    They could have at least put a Woody Woodpecker in.
    Or a Flintstones background or something.
    Maybe some dolls.
    What a waste.

  • Steve

    Brent Green is what America would be like were it not poisoned by commerce.