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This Weekend in Ohio: Women in Animation

Women in Animation

Starting today and continuing through Monday, there’s an interesting event happening in Ohio: “Women In Animation: A Columbus College of Art & Design Symposium.” The goal of the event is to celebrate “women’s achievements in animation, and to encourage young women to envision themselves contributing to every part of the industry, from personal aesthetic expression to the topmost echelons of production and direction.”

The event is free and open to the public, and takes place in the Canzani Center Auditorium. There are some well known presenters including Joanna Quinn, Clare Kitson, Jayne Pilling, Rebecca Allen, and Jinko Gotoh, among others. A complete schedule of events is posted at the CCAD website.

(Thanks, Eliza Kinkz)

  • Bad Actor

    Is Gail Simone scheduled to attend?

  • http://women-in-animation-symposium.blogspot.com/

    breakdown of events…
    I just got back from Clare Kitson’s presentation on Yuri Norstein and … wow chock full of Russian animation goodness. I’m demoing some 2d animation software tomorrow morning for the education outreach program. It’s going to be a great time with really interesting conversations.

  • I wish I could attend! Joanna Quinn’s brilliant and the other presentations also sound marvelous. I wish they could travel here!

  • progosk

    benjamin did a recent, interesting post on several women at Ghibli.

  • Andre

    Maybe this will help calm some of the storm that came after the Geena Davis article that was posted awhile back.

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