Tim Burton Exhibition at MoMA Tim Burton Exhibition at MoMA

Tim Burton Exhibition at MoMA

Last night I attended the opening of the Tim Burton exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, and quite simply, it’s terrific! I’ll be writing more about it soon, but if you are in the NY area anytime between now and next April, make a point of checking out this show.

We got in a bit earlier than most folks last night, and while we were looking at the exhibit, Tim Burton walked into the room. If you can forgive the shaky phone video, here’s a sweet little moment I caught between Burton and actor Geoffrey Holder:

  • messy

    I was there!!!! It’s huge!!!! Burton was thrilled to death to be treated like Picasso.

  • FP

    Un-cola nut.

  • Pedro Nakama

    The Un-cola nut?

  • Tedzey

    I was there too! I had my book signed and I talked to him about working at disney for the movie the fox and the hound. He was always uncredited so there wasn’t anything specifically said on what he did; and I found out!!! I’m not telling!!!

  • I was there too! I’m looking forward to going back multiple times, there’s so much work you can’t possibly take it in all at once.

    In your future coverage of it, it may be interesting to explore the differing opinions on whether or not the exhibit was a MoMA publicity ploy to attract visitors… I know there’s been chatter about that in the art community. I (and probably most animation geeks) feel it has cultural validity and deserves to be there, but I know there’s a bit of a controversy. I touch on it slightly in my blog’s post about the show here: http://www.thebrowblog.com

    All in all a great show. The image of wax Sarah Jessica Parker’s severed head lingers still (shudder.)

  • Stephen

    Burton’s success comes because he is a child at heart and an artist in his head; too many people are children in their minds with nothing in their hearts. MOMA picked the right guy to celebrate!

  • Mike Johnson

    I love me some Tim Burton, so I wish I lived close enough to attend. Geoffrey Holder is one of the nicest, most talented people on this or any other planet and seeing the two of them together was surreal!

  • 100% in agreement with Stephen… some people spend years in therapy trying to uncover the creative liberation and imagination Burton has. Its inspiring… makes me want to go sketch!

  • Sidney

    Jerry Lewis said he avoids psychotherapy because he doesn’t want to know what makes him tick.

  • Chuck R.

    Amid, the shaky camera I can forgive. Your failure to take a surreptitious pan along the wall of artwork is giving me trouble. :-)

    Stephen, nice quote. I agree.

  • Wickpix: That’s odd; I didn’t hear any backlash a few years ago during the MoMA Pixar exhibition. Maybe it’s because Burton represents horror/fantasy work: if they let him in, is Sam Raimi next, followed by a Fangoria retrospective? That might make some Eames chair fetishists apoplectic.

  • a reader

    There’s no need to make comments about “Eames chair fetishists”. The New York Times has a review that’s interesting: