Tim Burton’s Annie Award acceptance speech Tim Burton’s Annie Award acceptance speech

Tim Burton’s Annie Award acceptance speech

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  • Wow hahaha!

  • Have seen that guy’s house?

    It’s freaking enormous!

  • Tim Burton. An artist to the end. Wonderful.

  • Brianne

    This made me happy. Would have been cool if he’d been able to make it, but this was a nice suprise.

  • Rufus

    Tim Burton’s silly.

  • Gobo

    Tim Burton seems to be a million times happier now than back when he was making “Planet of the Apes”.

  • squirrel

    I was afraid to keep watching. O _ O

  • how annoying

  • I think everyone is considerably happier now that Tim Burton is making films that are not “Planet of the Apes.”

    I had been thinking i would like to visit Japan someday, but now ‘m not so sure… ;)

  • Steve Gattuso

    He’s a pistol. ;3

  • sporridge

    Directed by David Lynch???

  • NoTimeForThat

    Ah yes. Because the only thing Japan is known for is “The Grudge”. Apparently.

    Aw, who am I kidding. I can’t criticize this. It’s too damn funny.

  • Tedzey

    Never till this year did i ever imagine Tim Burton with a sense of humor! He was so kind when I saw him in New York for the MoMA exhibit!

  • clever but dated

  • is this piece out of synch, or was his japanese commentary dubbed?

  • It’s probably intentional dubbed Japanese commentary.

    Seems to me Burton’s a fan of Asian horror movies…

  • he never ages, does he? looks the same as he did 2 decades ago.