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To Hell With Hitler!


Next Tuesday, 2/19, at 7:30 p.m., ASIFA Atlanta is putting on To Hell with Hitler, a program of WW2-era cartoons at the Plaza Theatre ($4 members admission; $7 non-members).

Clay Croker (of ArgleBargle blog fame) curated the show, created the cool poster, and is providing the 16mm prints that will be shown. The only caution is that the screening willl take place in a part of the theatre that holds around 100 folks, so expect it to be standing-room-only!

(Thanks, Robert Pope)

  • Now that is TRULY my cup of tea. One evening (in the early 90s) I played (for company) alllllllllll of my super 8s & 16mm WWII toons. It came to 5 (straight) hours’ worth (back-to-back!)!!! And these (WB, at least) films were all shown on tv in the 60s!! Please, Jerry, post a list of the films!

  • What specifically are you going to show? I have a feeling it’s going to include “Russian Rhapsody”, since you include Bob Clampett’s name in the list. Will you show any of Norm McCabe’s cartoons?

  • Yay!!

    Jerry, thank you SO much for posting this! And thank you Robert for sending it! :)

    When we tested the projectors (graciously and generously provided by Andy Ditzler) at the Plaza, Clay showed us a WWII newsreel he had- it was fascinating.

    Also, this is our first screening on actual film, and we hope to have lots more :) Clay’s got an incredible collection!

    Oh, one detail: there are actually 198 seats :) But we hope to fill it up anyway!

    Thanks so much!

    -Brett, brand new President of ASIFA-Atlanta

  • Go Hitler…stir in your grave.

  • Steve Gattuso


    Good luck with your event! May it be the start of many more.

  • Wow, Did Scribner and Tyer direct Anti-Hitler shorts? can you list the titles please?
    I wish I could be there to see it. Good work and best of luck with the show!

  • Scribner and Tyer didn’t direct them, but they animated on several World War II cartoons, including RUSSIAN RHAPSODY (Scribner) and YOU’RE A SAP MR. JAP (Tyer).

  • The Plaza is an incredible theater(the oldest in Atlanta), and Clay is as knowledgable an animator as they come. This news does make me miss Atlanta!

  • uncle wayne: Wow, that’s impressive!! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

    Steve: Thanks so much! :) We’re hoping to have more, for sure :) Clay is an amazing resource and our members have some great ideas for things in the future too.

    Amir: I wish you could be here too! :) Maybe someday huh? You’re always welcome! :) Thanks so much for the well wishes!

    Jerry: You’re right of course :) I think those guys are some of the most brilliant animators ever…

    DanO: Wow, I’m sad I didn’t get to meet you when you were here! I love the Plaza too, and you’re right about Clay! Come back someday! :)

  • Keith Paynter

    Good luck with the show, Brett! I had a similar public showing last Rememberance Day weekend (3 hours/25 cartoons), and those that attended thought it was very cool. The only ‘negative’ comments were from those who say they’ve seen some of them on the ‘net’ or on cheap PD videos, but that they were more cool coming from 16mm prints.

    I have to see about a new presentation for June, having acquired a lot more WWII Snafu and Popeye shorts since the program was first presented.

    By the way, is Clay hosting as Brak? (hee hee!)

  • Some guy

    Jeez, you guys are insenstive. Hitler just died 63 years ago, it’s too soon!

  • Keith P. – Clay is the ‘modern’ voice of Zorak and Moltar. Brak was Andy Merrill. But I suppose Moltar might find hell comfortable.

  • Keith: Thanks! :) Three hours, that’s awesome- what kind of venue did you guys have? As far as I know Clay will be using his regular voice, haha :) Interesting to hear about the negative comments people had- John K mentioned in his blog recently about how in the 60’s on television they’d sometimes show older cartoons on kind of lower-quality prints, so to a kid the older stuff stuck out that way. I’m glad folks appreciated seeing stuff on actual film, though, yay!

    GersonK: You’re right of course! Haha, I love Moltar :)

  • Keith Paynter

    Brett, it was shown at our city’s public library film theater – lots of WB’s including some infamous C11 material and Snafu’s, along with MGM (Barney Bear, Tex Avery and ‘Peace On Earth’), Popeye’s (‘Sap’ and ‘Hull Of A mess’) and Disney (‘Reason & Emotion’ and ‘DFF’)

    Having over 50 shorts to date (including some Columbia & Universal) makes it hard to pick and choose the ones that are not ‘star vehicles’ but are good nonetheless, and I agonized over the inclusion of some over others, partly for time and partly for PPL costs! I put a proposal in to the Montreal festival for 2009.


    I have always thought it highly ironic , and amusing [if it wasn’t so serious] that the 20th CENTURY’S most despised figure looks very much like a ‘living’ cartoon character.

  • Yudonomi

    Great looking poster. I wonder if the backward swastikas are intentional for some reason.

  • cathy

    This is great! Hopefully it’ll remind folks that animators CAN influence their audiences! It would be great to see some contemporary political animation. But where o where are our brave animators interested in political criticism????????????????????????????????