“Tom & Jerry Live” Again “Tom & Jerry Live” Again

“Tom & Jerry Live” Again

Two weeks ago I warned you informed you about the existence of Tom & Jerry Live!, Argentina’s new stage musical based on the MGM cartoon superstars. In case you didn’t believe me – here’s a 90 second clip… (I apologize for this in advance)

Lord have mercy. Scott Bradley is rolling around in his grave.

(Thanks, Jorge Finkielman)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    And yet I had to go and click on this at the side…

    Thanks Jerry, now I’ve seen everything!
    *gunshot and fall*

  • Thats about what I’d expect ‘Tom and Jerry Live’ to look like. At least they got the music right.

  • showplease

    Actually, this looks fantastic.

    The over the top yet, controlled slapstick movements of the characters are VERY reminiscent, and in fact, spot on to Joe and Bill’s style of character direction, the useage of colors is also spot on, and the music itself…. perfect.

    I honestly see nothing wrong with this, nothing to get upset over, and in fact, by every indication, I see something VERY faithful, respectful, and even strangely and surprisingly accurate to the fun and charm of the original shorts here.

    I see pure Tom and Jerry fun here. Everything from the props to the physical acting, to the sound to the colors, to the stage design, to the props perfectly evoke that Tom and Jerry feeling.

  • To be fair, thats probably the most faithful use of the Tom and Jerry brand I’ve seen since before Chuck Jones took over.

  • Gordan

    This is better than any post-MGM HB incarnation of the duo… And I bet it will be much better than the upcoming WB T&J CG movie too.

  • Craig M

    Bono and The Edge have said they’re using this as inspiration as they prepare their “Heckle & Jeckle” musical for workshop.

    • Someone needs to make a cartoon where Heckle & Jeckle attempt to mount a Mighty Mouse musical, on the assumption that a proven superhero will translate to Broadway.

      Someone needs to make new Heckle & Jeckle, period.

  • Was My Face Red

    I’m with Showplease. Why the snobbism? There’s lots of respect on show here (why would Bradley be rolling in his grave because his music is being celebrated?) Maybe it doesn’t work that well because the rescaling of Jerry can’t avoid looking grotesque, but the person playing Tom is doing a really good job with the physical comedy and it’s great to hear lots of children laughing at some good old fashioned cartoon violence! It looks like a brave but flawed attempt to play homage and hardly worthy of your superiority and distain – unlike that mess called Shrek the Musical or Disneys’s stage version of Beauty And The Beast. For that audience they’re keeping Tom and Jerry alive whilst you just want them embalmed.

  • ditto Chris

  • Wow, this is way better than I expected! Even violent! And the music is excellent!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Ha. Tom reacts the wrong way when he gets hit by that hammer at :27. Unless that’s some kind of super suction hammer.

  • Not much to say or add to this one, it really speaks for itself.

    But chalk one up for diversity casting… it appears they hired a little person to play Jerry.

  • JP

    It is sort of bizarre at first (I suppose that’s because I’ve never seen costumed versions of Tom & Jerry before.) But ultimately, this isn’t any different than one of those Looney Tunes shows at Six Flags.

    • Paul N

      Was thinking the same thing – no worse than an average theme park show (and some of those are pretty good)

  • MP

    Oh, I shouldn’t have watched that video!

    I didn’t know Jerry had a secret identity; he became Hippety Hopper – the giant mouse!

    And they didn’t even try to make their own story! This is “Quiet Please!”

    • Was My Face Red

      Yeah, they could the real Jerry to dance with Gene Kelly. What went wrong here?

  • Ben

    This looks on par with a theme park show. I don’t see the harm here, especially if it’s not meant to be a Broadway caliber show. The kids seem to like it, even if you can’t quite convey the same slapstick as you could in animation. At least the costumes are faithful, and everything else is a lot like the cartoons. Not my cup of tea, but also nothing to wring hands over. Now, if it had hip-hop music, and abstract costumes, maybe then. This seems harmless enough.

  • Justin Delbert

    There was a link to another video of this show. It is so Goddamn horrible. Both scenes didn’t make any sense. I thought I was gonna die watching this it was so bad.

    • The Gee

      I was just going to comment on how sorry I feel for the performers to do those routines in full costumes. It can’t be comfortable.

      But then I read your comment and I’m guessing you were somehow forced to watch the video. How did that happen?

  • Wilbert

    Gee, that motion capture gets better all the time.

  • An addition to Wilbert’s comment, is that this shows how “cheated” the designs for Hanna and Barbera’s original Tom and Jerry shorts were. When you try to make actual three-dimensional sculptures and costumes of these characters, they just don’t “turn” in the same way the animated cartoons do. To me, this just looks wrong. Tom’s, Spike’s and Jerry’s heads are designed to look good from front view or 3/4 angle, they don’t work from the side or from the back unless the drawing is cheated to include elements from the front or 3/4 views. You can’t do that in a costume or sculpture. Also, the characters can’t exit the stage in three frames the way the cartoon versions can. I think these same problems will crop up in a CG version of the characters. You just can’t cheat CG like you can a drawing.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’m in Mark’s camp on this one.

  • Ryoku

    Ways back the Simpsons had a “real live Itchy and Scratchy play” in one of the episodes, now I see what they were referencing.

  • Dahl

    I hope Bob Zemeckis doesn’t see this.

  • Manny

    My inner furry squees!


  • Gerard de Souza

    The best I can summon is it is not as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t think any one can say it is better than the classic cartoon it re-enacts. My ideal would be to show the cartoons on a big screen to kiddies and have the mascots in the lobby. I’d bet the kids would laugh 10 times harder than they are doing here.
    I would bet if showed children the live and then the original cartoon, they’d pick the original cartoon. If little kids like this it is becasue they have not seen the original. That’s not to out down the actors or company involved…but just to ask “Why?”.

  • Vince M.

    Good grief,I recognized the soundtrack music was from “Deputy Droopy” – I kept waiting for the little guy to enter the scene with a stick of lit dynamite.

  • Paula

    That’s why I don’t like most of the stuff in Corrientes avenue. There’s crappy musicals in there, or this kind of stuff for the children.
    “Live shows” of cartoon characters are the lowest form of entertainment.
    But the Ben 10’s “Carrera contra el tiempo” show in this same theatre is EVEN WORSE.

  • Sarah (with an h)

    Is it me, or does the Spike costume have some serious camel tow going on?