TONIGHT: Animation Block Party in NY TONIGHT: Animation Block Party in NY

TONIGHT: Animation Block Party in NY

The West Coast may have the San Diego Comic-Con, but New Yorkers have Animation Block Party, a three-day animation festival that opens tonight in Brooklyn. Live music, lots of cartoons and free booze. Ticket info here.

This cartoon by Ian-Jones Quartey and Jim Gisriel offers a few good reasons why everybody should attend Animation Block Party:

  • this guy’s come so far since the days of “cletus the fetus” its really amazing to see

  • Chris Hatfield

    Real charming limited animation

  • Thanks for the kind words, Zekey and Chris.

  • Charlie

    Good old nockFORCE! Glad to see em get some props.

  • Dabid

    Those guys sound baked. Hilarious!

  • Eva Masterson

    Over 1100 people at Animation Block Party opening night!

  • shiggie

    ABP has come a LONG way. Whata great collection of material they put together. Everyone should attend.

  • the second portion of that was my favorite. Nockforce is great. Add NockForce to your myspace friendslist. I did!! and.. and then nothing happened!!!! YEA!! NOCKFORCE!