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Too Art for TV

Too Art for TV, the annual exhibit of fine art by animation artists, returns to Brooklyn tonight for its 4th edition. Masterminded by Liz Artinian, the color supervisor on The Venture Bros., the show offers a solid line-up of animation artists displaying their personal art–most of them from the New York area, but from other parts of the world as well. Opening reception is from 6-9:30pm at Erebuni (158 Roebling St. Williamsburg, NY). The show will remain up through October 17.

  • Wicked idea! And great artists too.

    It’s rare to see shows that showcase animators fine art skills aswell. I feel animators hide their skills too much in this industry. Or it may just be that we’re too busy(*who isnt’)

    Aside from work stuff, we all have our own personal styles and animation “is” an art medium so we should express and show our work off more.

    Good luck to this show though. Cheers!

  • Some of the best fine art I’ve seen is by animators. Probably because most of it is character stuff, which is what I like – This is a fantastic idea!

    Here’s something I stumbled upon a while ago if you haven’t seen it before – It’s an ongoing drawing/art challenge by the folks at Blue Sky Studios. Lots of cool art here.

  • pizzaforeveryone


  • I’ll be there.
    Free greetings to anyone who likes my work.

  • it was a great time!!
    wonderful mix of personal styles, mediums, techniques.
    hooray and congrats to all those who participated and to the huge turn out of folks who showed up to support animation Artists!!

  • Thanks to everybody that went to the show! It was great hanging out and meeting some new folks.

    Also, sorry to those who got ticketed or nabbed by the paddy wagon. I think we all got a demonstration of open container laws Friday night.