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Tonight in Hollywood


If you live in L.A. you really have no excuse not to go out and have a good time tonight!

Today we are shooting our forthcoming original web series, Cartoon Dump, at the Steve Allen Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. (near Vermont). We’ll be letting the public in for a sneak preview of what we are up to, tonight at 8pm, when I’ll screen some of my very best WORST CARTOONS EVER, and Frank Conniff and our cast will perform some bits of bizarre musical comedy. Tickets are $10 and we think we are going to have a full house. Call (800) 595-4849 to reserve a ticket.

If you can’t get in to see Cartoon Dump, you can trek a quarter mile west to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for an event promoting the new Woody Woodpecker DVD.


Leonard Maltin, June Foray, Tom Kenny and others will be holding a panel discussion about classic cartoons and the Walter Lantz studio. That’s at 7:30pm and it’s free! This too will be recorded for a podcast to be anounced later. So take your pick… and meet us in Hollywood!

  • uncle wayne

    If ONLY!!

  • Paul

    That’s it! I’m moving south!

  • FRANK!!!
    Well… Had I known sooner…

  • Anyone was here? Which cartoons were featured? I bought an online pass and I’m waiting to receive the link to watch it

  • shane

    June Foray was Super Awesome!! and Hillarious… Billy West had everyone in stitches ..The Woody Cartoons they did show were nice to see but there was something terribly wrong with the soundtracks, EVERY cartoon seemed to have a little 3-7 second piece of either no sound or a terrible skipping sound. All in all it was an ok night although thanks to the ESPY’s Parking was a nightmare and getting out of hollywood was just as bad…

  • precode

    The Q&A went on for a full hour-and-a-half, and as far as I’m concerned, they coulda dumped the cartoons and just kept the panelists going. Maurice LaMarche’s Orson Welles is so dead-on it’s positively chilling.

    They were projecting the cartoons from a DVD, and there were problems all night long. Also for some odd reason, most of the ones they showed were from 1946. Any guesses why?

  • Craig Harder

    Thanks to my daughter Moriah, Cinderella happens to be our family’s current favoriter!