TONIGHT: Toronto Animation Industry Night TONIGHT: Toronto Animation Industry Night

TONIGHT: Toronto Animation Industry Night

Tonight is the second annual Toronto Animation Industry Night presented by Toronto Animation Live. I’m not familiar with the organization hosting the event; their stated purpose is to serve as a networking organization “dedicated to the growth and development of the Toronto animation industry.” This evening’s event, which combines networking, music and screenings, begins at 7pm at the Century Room (580 King St. W). Tickets are $5 at the door if you rsvp by email to info at Otherwise, it’s $10 at the door for walk-ins. Their ad promises complimentary food and beverages. If you have attended the previous one, or if you attend tonight, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

  • My fiancée and I, attended the last one.. It was great fun meeting everyone. And I ran into a lot of old colleagues. The Free Drinks was a very nice surprise!!

    I don’t believe the organizers quite expected the large crowds that arrived, that night. As the space was a bit small to accomodate everyone..
    From what I understand, tonight’s event is situated at a much larger venue. So I’m hoping these old bones will be able to sit down a wee bit, with Guinness in hand!

    Kudos to Alexis Victor & everyone else, in the organization of these nights!!