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A new museum of animation, cartoon and comic art has opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s called ToonSeum and it just had its grand opening last weekend. Reportedly it’s not a huge space, but is nicely done. Their first exhibit focuses on animation art:

“Enchanted Drawings: A Century of Animation.” The exhibit will feature original art from Gertie the Dinosaur to Spongebob and more. On display will be rare artifacts, including an original Disney animation director’s desk from the early Hyperion studio.

It’s quite an achievement to establish a cartoon museum in such a sports oriented city — I wish it luck. The ToonSeum is located on the first floor of the Bruno Building at 945 Liberty Avenue. The Enchanted Drawings exhibit runs through Jan. 3, 2010.

(Thanks, Rebecca Yasick)

  • AnthroCoon

    I didn’t get a chance to go to it during this past year’s Anthrocon furry convention, but someone from the Toonseum did a panel on the Top Cartoon Characters Ever. As I understood it, the Toonseum was located on the North Side as part of the Children’s Museum, but I guess it moved–in fact it sounds like it’s right near the convention center and
    Westin hotel where Anthrocon is held! Will check out next June during the Con

  • Doz Hewson

    I, too, wish it luck.

  • doug holverson

    @Jerry “It’s quite an achievement to establish a cartoon museum in such a sports oriented city — I wish it luck.”

    You know how much jocks like to ruin us geeks’ fun…. ;)

    Too bad Pittsburgh didn’t have this 20 years ago when Westinghouse was flying me in there for radiation sponge training…

  • Jason

    I SEE DOUG!!!!

    That was a sweet cartoon. I wish it could be brought back, updated with better animation, and…nah, scratch that. It’d probably be rendered in CGI, and all the charm of the drawings would be lost.

    I miss it though…

  • Mike

    I can’t wait to go to this over Thanksgiving break!

    I grew up in the Burgh, and Pittsburghers like sports, but they also have a thriving arts scene: The Carnegie Museum, the Warhol Museum, The big Arts Festival every year, as well as tons of small galleries…not to mention the art programs in area colleges.

    -Mike P (a former Pittsburgher who doesn’t care for the sports and is now an art teacher :)

  • I was fortunate enough to be present at the grand opening. Despite the fact it’s a relatively small space, there’s a lot of great stuff to be seen there!

  • Jeffrey McAndrew

    The Toonseum Museum moved so that it could increase in size and so that it would no longer be subject to the limitations that come with being part of a “Children’s Museum”. Being a local to Pittsburgh I plan to visit the Toonseum often.

    My friend put some pictures of the museum on his facebook. Here’s the link:

  • Marc Baker

    ‘It’s quite an achievement to establish a cartoon museum in such a sports oriented city.’

    I’ll say. I sometimes feel like an outcast who doesn’t belong in western Pennsylvania. (If your not wearing your Steeler, or Penguins clothing, there’s something wrong with you.)

  • Rebecca

    Hiya, thanks for putting this up Mr Beck!

    To Doug – in Jerrys defense, I myself made the crack about the towns excessive sportiness when I sent the story in to him. No offense to all the Steelers fans of course :)

    And Mike is right, there are a ton of great galleries/museums here and a splendid arts scene.

    Now if only we could combine it all and start tailgating in the Carnegie Museum of Art parking lot…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Seems like silly to me seeing cels from Doug and Sailor Moon placed together like that.

    Otherwise, I’m a tad jealous one wasn’t started in my hometown yet, or I’d contribute greatly to it with my collection! It would probably have to be an extension of the Toledo Museum of Art for the time being, but I can see it going places!

  • Marc Baker

    Knowing how Pittsburgh can be, i wouldn’t be surprised if the built a museum dedicated to their local newscasts. They would probably call it ‘newseum’ After all, news, and sport get top treatment over everything else. Take it from me.

  • brendan

    “It’s quite an achievement to establish a cartoon museum in such a sports oriented city — I wish it luck.”

    Never seen Bittersweet Harvest, huh?

  • Jeffrey McAndrew

    It’s true that the majority of Pittsburgh is in love with the Steelers and Penguins but for those of us who arn’t we kind of have a little cult. Pittsburgh is home to the Warhol Museum, and the Carnegie’s, we have the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and The Mattress Factory. Several editorial cartoonists and illustrators take residency in the area and there is The Pittsburgh Illustrator Society. The creation of The Toonseum and the Bittersweet Harvest blog are just another couple ways that the arts continue to grow in Pittsburgh.

  • Anonymous

    Marc – you’re not that familiar with current Pittsburgh, apparently!

    Take it from me, living in Pittsburgh and not being from here.

  • Marc Baker

    I guess that proves my theory on how news, and sports are mainstream in western Pennsylvania, but it’s nice to know that some things have become cults that can thrive despite conventional wisdom.

  • Professor Grandiositypants

    It amazes me that LA doesn’t have a proper animation museum, although there are resources and places to see works. I’d really like to see a collection of animation art and history on the order of the Disney Family Museum. As with rare collections that come up for auction, like the George Pal stuff we saw surface recently, that kind of history needs to be appreciated instead of folded up in a private collection.

    ‘Looks like nothing’s going to get done around here unless I do it myself!

  • Chuck R.

    “It’s quite an achievement to establish a cartoon museum in such a sports oriented city”

    Keep your eyes on Columbus, folks.

  • Anthony C.

    Hot damn, an animation exhibit on the East for once..

    Still won’t get to go it but exciting news nonetheless!

  • Anne Hathaway was in there for 40 minutes, and bought a copy of “Capacity” by Theo Ellsworth!

  • Thanks for posting this, Jerry! Always great to see the city I now live in get some recognition thanks to the great folks that got the museum up and running! Such a great resource for everyone in this area. It’s an awesome space – hope to see you and Amid out here one day!