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TrashCan Roxanne Reviews the Ottawa Animation Festival

TrashCan Roxanne

Jerry and I both attended the Ottawa International Animation Festival and, like everyone else, had a wonderful time. Everyone that is except for Canadian animation artist Roxanne Ducharme who had a miserable week and tweeted every moment of the excruciating experience on her grouchily named Twitter account TrashCan Roxanne. Here’s a list of all the things she hated and why.

The film selections:

Watching films at #OIAF is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer. It feels good when it stops.

The festival’s artistic director:

New levels of pompousness from Chis Robinson have been reached tonight.

The films again:

Those films will suck the life out of you #oiaf #fail #ineedadrink

The closing awards ceremony:

No class watsoever here at the closing ceremony #oiaf #fail #chisrobinson

The parties:

Getting ready for another day of torture here at the Ottawa animation film festival. Even the parties are not that great.

Even more films:

I already let out a loud “F*ck” after one of the worst film today… @LittleAnimation was proud of me.

And apparently everybody else attending the festival:

In Ottawa with a bunch of lunatics

(Thanks, Dick O’Connor)

  • Give me a break

    Really? This was a necessary post why? Not enough drama around here already? I’m sure her reputation already precedes her, why sully the site with her inane babble when there are clearly far more interesting and intelligent things to post? Grow up.

    • amid

      Good job! Your comment was an accurate impersonation of TrashCan Roxanne’s negativity.

      • Give me a break

        When in doubt, deflect.

    • pappy d

      You consider this quotable?

  • Matt

    The world needs fewer cynics.

    Does she even ‘like’ animation?

  • Everybody

    This really doesn’t merit an article…

    • Totally disagree.
      This is the kind of thing CB needs more of.

      (And we all know who this Roxanne really is, anyway),

  • Must be alergic to fun. Sounds like the perfect canidate for a screwball animated short.

  • Dee

    You gotta love that super original quote in her bio: “If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space.”

  • who cares? let the damn woman be miserable.

    i clicked this link in hopes that i would see an actual animatronic trash can talking about a film festival GUESS WHOS REALLY SAD NOW?

  • Well, at least now I have more evidence that I can safely ignore Twitter as being irrelevant.

  • She’s looking to hire assistant animators in Montreal – via LinkedIn.

    • Linkedin? Who uses Linkedin? Surely no fun loving animators.

  • Bravo, Roxanne!!!

    • Thank you Elliot. I like your showreel ;-)

      • Thanks. I like your style.
        And thanks to all who made my comment go brown.
        How appropriate!

      • Yep I’ll follow.

      • I’m so glad to see some good connections coming out of this bully-post. I’ve discovered a lot of cool people!

  • Doesn’t she know the procedure?! Say something bad about the Ottawa fest, get attacked on Cartoon Brew.

  • The grumpy twitter feed of artist who appears to be the lone person who didn’t like it and who I’ve never even heard of is newsworthy to me because why……?

  • Rodger

    Unless I’m missing some context here, I don’t see the importance of this, but in the spirit of spinning threads into a positive alternative agenda…

    If this were an animation festival in CA, in a post Prop-19 reality (where the resolution passed) and you had gone to the coffee shop before the event…

    would your Twitter comments look like this, or would you be too busy enjoying the festival on a whole new level to even bother Tweeting?

    Mmmmmmm November approaches…

  • Wayne

    SHE’S calling people “lunatics”?

    • Wayne, my tweet was taken out of context. I was referring to my personal friends that were with me at the time of that tweet. Not people attending the festival.

  • anonymous

    Was she at the same festival? Sometimes I think (some) people expect every animated film/short to be a disney/pixar hybrid. Festivals like this are important, sure, every film may not be to your liking but this is a great opportunity to view animation from around the world you may not be exposed to otherwise.

    My only greivance- the unprofessional presentation of a certain Ottawa studios “animation artists for hire” event

    Otherwise i had a great experience.

    Glad Jerry and Amid enjoyed themselves,
    Hears hoping for warmer weather next year!

  • tedzey

    I think she needs to rename her account to “debbie downer!”
    I believe we all knew this girl in high school!

  • Rebecca

    Man, it felt as if she didn’t even want to be there!! She could have given her festival pass, airplane ticket, and hotel room to me!!!! I would have enjoyed it to the fullest extent!! Also, she’s from Montreal: way to be the stereotypical French-Canadian jerk Roxanne!! Hehehe! No I’m just kidding! (Or am I?)

    • Philippe

      Stereotypical French-Canadian jerk?

      • I noticed that too….

      • Rebecca

        You know, the stereotypical idea that all French-Canadians are jerks who think they’re better than everyone else. I don’t believe this stereotype!!! I was just making an observation. I know a good many people from the Quebec province and they are nice people.

  • Anonymous

    So are we not allowed to have our own opinions anymore?
    Should we be afraid to post what we think?
    I’ve been to the festival for the past 5 years and yeah, she’s right, sometimes it tends to suck.
    Everyone once in a while there’s something great, but they’re really heading downhill as far as I can tell.

    If you can make it, go to CTN instead.

  • I think I am taking up too much space on the edge

  • Jim

    Its just someone talking across twitter to her friends, negatively yes, but its not a big deal.

    This blog used to be the center for animation related news and picking someone out like this for a large part of the animation community to demonize is almost as petty as bothering to tweet about having a bad time at a film festival. Perhaps more, come to think of it.

    I’ve been reading Cartoon Brew for a long, long, long time. About 5 years in fact. I’ve got books by Jerry, and your Cartoon Modern. Which I love.

    I think you’ve highlighted some of the best animation I’ve seen. So I’m totally grateful.

    But recently I cant help but feel the quality of cartoon journalism here has slipped. And it totally saddens me and probably quite a lot of other people too.

    Cheerio ‘Brew.

    • And yet, you still visit the site and comment. ;)

      • hey let’s ignore the guy’s argument and just tell him to leave. in fact, lets just not read ever again!

        boy howdy this community sure is great.

    • Brody

      So long, Jim!

      What will this blog be like without Jim? A stunning loss to the Cartoon Brew community.

  • Robert Barker

    Does this person actually create something? Is there somewhere I can go and evaluate her work?

    • Ron

      Yes. Click on her name and it takes you to her page with portfolio. Much of it quite nice, actually.

    • You know, you don’t have to make animation to have an opinion about animation… In fact I find the most attuned people have not relation to the industry and just enjoy the art for arts sake, you know the audience.

  • rakesh

    Hi Amid,

    What the hell

  • Clement

    It’s good to know Cartoon Brew protects the interests of its sponsors just like other mainstream medias.

    The fact that the festival sponsored your site for October is probably unrelated but you’re acting like a guard dog just like news channels and big networks do for their sponsors and politicians they like.

    Just showing a few of bad tweets about the festival without obviously linking to the woman’s name and website wouldn’t feel like a denunciation but it feels it’s the main purpose of this article.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Is Roxanne seeing anyone? I think I’m in love.

    • foreign office

      Yes, her dog, and her bicycle.

  • Evee

    So was this your intention, Amid? To single out one person who had different opinions other than your own so that you could get all your fans to ridicule her on an entire page? Like she’s really the ONLY one in the world who didn’t like what she saw? You really do enjoy attacking other people’s opinions on their own posts, huh? As much as it makes you feel big and important, you are never the bigger person in these posts. This site can be wonderful sometimes, stop hurting that.

  • Anonymous

    Personal taste and decorum aside, I was shocked that they showed adult content in a clip at the closing ceremony, while there were many children in the audience. That was a responsibility fail. And the MC comment afterwards was highly inappropriate.

  • w

    Poor woman. I feel like I should have found her and bought her a drink or something.

    A lot of people I talked to felt that the competition selection was uneven, but that’s kind of the point of the OIAF – you’re not gonna love EVERYTHING. There’s just too many POVs on animation to agree with all of them. I found myself walking out of one feature film, and at the same time I found two of the most well-attended shorts on Sunday weren’t conceptually as strong as some other short films I saw in competition.

    Personally, I find myself thanking Chris Robinson and all the volunteers who busted their asses making this into what we know the festival as today. I’m not a fan of Chris’ public speaking prowess either, but he can wrangle a helluva festival.

    Robinson and crew started from nothing, in a town not known for film festivals on a large scale, and built a five day event that crosses commercial interests with artistic interpretations of animation, and put them all in one room, so to speak. Hats off, folks.

  • Mark Sheldon

    Amid, I’ve been reading your words since the Tex Avery tribute went up in 96, followed the Blast, Brew since day one and I had every issue of the Blast in print after issue 3. So we go way back. 

    Over the years I’ve shared some of the frustrations felt  by many of your readers. You are to willing to trash the efforts of others who often are just doing their best to create competitively. I remember how humble you were after critics trounced the Ripping Freinds and I thought “Now thiguy has been part of a good effort that failed, maybe his toe will change” but the very next week you were back at it

    Look, I’m sincere in my gratitude for the free service I enjoy from the efforts of Jerry and yourself, but I look back over your body of animation coverage and see good work over shadowed by acid tongued decries of what ever you decided is unworthy of the medium. I know nothing I write will change your approach to you blogging voice but I will say this:

    The reaction you have to these tweets is how many of us feel when you lash out at your fellow animation artists and fans. 

    Just food for thought. 

  • Rando

    What’s the matter, Amid? Afraid this person will steal your title as animation’s biggest cynic? Don’t worry, Dinsey, Cartoon Network, and many other studios have numerous projects coming down the pipeline that you can trash and and insult the creators and crew before you’ve even seen them. I don’t think think anyone can steal your crown!

  • Bob Harper

    Damn Amid,

    Looks like you lost the Grumpiest Animation Critic Award this year – to a girl!!!

  • You guys need to try and do some more on location type posts when you’re at a festival like Ottawa. I know the schedule there is an insane one, and there’s lots to do with little time for anything else, but I think it would be worth while.

    As someone who has attended the festival in the past (and had two films in the official competition) I can say that there are some films that leave you scratching your head as to why they are being screened (as I’m sure some scratched their heads at mine), but overall the experience was always a good one. It’s nice to see what others consider worthy of praise.

    As for Chris Robinson, he’s a bit of a polarizing guy. People seem to really like him, or really not like him.

    I’d like to see Chris do more posts here like he used to. It’s nice and refreshing to get another voice on here from time to time. That goes for posts from Linda Simensky and Eric Goldberg as well. Weren’t they all guest bloggers for a while?

  • Anoniguy

    This was so obviously a joke. Doesn’t anyone get that? I mean come on guys.

    Or is THAT the joke, and I’m the one not getting it?

  • She is so grouchy and negative, it’s as if she’s a caricature of herself. And TrashCan Roxanne is such a catchy name. Great art piece, Roxanne.

  • Ron

    Doesn’t she know that pithy negativity is only allowed against Dreamworks?

  • Thomas Hatch

    What a scoop!

  • Smudge

    Funny story: Sunday. It’s around 10-ish a.m. and also my last event here in Ottawa before making the ten-hour drive back to Michigan. I’m standing in line at the Museum of Civilization, wondering what the hell were they thinking holding an event THIS far away from the festival proper! But, this is the Disney/Pixar lecture on how they made ‘Day & Night’ and ‘Tic Toc Tale’, so it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. There’s about twenty-five people in line before me and about fifteen behind me when the first busload of festival-goers arrive. I look up from my iPhone just in time to see Jerry Beck as he cuts in line right in front of me to stand with three of his friends. As he does so, remembering how polite he was to me when I met him on Wednesday morning, I throw him a smile. He mouths the word ‘sorry.’ I then get to spend the next thirty minutes eavesdropping on of of the foremost animation historians in the world as he talks about the current state of the animation industry, how changes in technology are influencing animation production and distribution, and what new DVDs are coming out by the end of the year. I’m amused by how he whispered ‘sorry’ to me as if I was going to be pissed at him for cutting in line. Yeah, like I’m going to narc him out and miss the experience of a semi-private Jerry Beck lecture! Not going to happen folks! :)

    As I made the ten-hour drive back to Michigan and reflected on this festival experience, I have to say that it was the people that made the difference for me. Pulling a number out of my hat, I’d say that 95% of the competition films I saw were completely forgettable–so I can’t argue with Ms. Ducharme’s opinion of the competition screenings without being a total hypocrite. But the people that I met and talked to, the community that I’m a part of, that was what made this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival an experience worth having.

    I go to Ottawa every other year knowing that Chris Robinson’s sense of humor and the festival selections will be hit-or-miss for me. I accept the fact that my tastes are just not part of the mainstream animation festival culture. But I also know that there’s always something there that I’ll enjoy if I look hard enough. In this case it was the Illusionist, the International Screenings, the workshops I attended, and reinforcing the friendships that I’ve made with animators at the NFB and TAIS. In the sixteen years I’ve been attending OIAF, this was the first year I that I really felt like I was a part of the community–not just an attender who occasionally sees someone he knows from college.

    Perhaps I’m just looking for something different than everyone else is, but that sense of community was easily worth the time and money I spent last week.

  • Tee

    Frankly, Amid, this is exactly the kind of thing that you yourself do from time to time. Posting it without critical comment doesn’t absolve you from the implication that you are trying to bring her to task for her opinions.

  • I’m back in my studio after a long drive home from Ottawa. All I can say is one gets back what one puts into this ( or most any ) communities. Year after year I meet so many open, wonderful animators and folks passionate about animation at the festival, people who’s work continues to inspire me.

    It seems such a shame to be so negative when there are so many people willing to share so much. I, for one will continue to keep Ottawa high on my list and look forward to building these relationships.

  • Trashcan Roxanne? Fitting name.

  • Was my face red

    57, 72, 39 and counting. Amid, please look at the number of ‘likes’ which the readers who question you posting this item are getting.

    You go to a major international animation festival and the thing you most want to tell us about is that a grumpy, superior sounding woman has told her friends she wasn’t having a good time? It’s the pettiest post I have ever seen on this site and you are clearly alienating a lot of your readers with stuff like this.

    Once again I think the Amid who wrote Cartoon Modern and finds all those cool films to show us has been locked in the cellar by an evil troll – the one who judges a successful post by the number of outraged comments it generates and not by its journalistic value.

  • I sympathize with her. It is exactly the reason why I stopped going since a few years ago.

    While there are always at least SOME very good films being screened at Ottawa, I’ve realized that the overall tastes of the festival and my own tastes do not align very well.

    For me, there is too much emotional emptiness and vulgarity.

  • Trevor


  • once again people love to complain… she complained… amid complained about her…. now everyone is complaining about amid… another goal for the internet

    Look at the brew posts worthy of praise… old david Reilly deserves more back slapping surely… I think there are 8 comments there… the response (or lack of) to the lighter topics is all the evidence you need.

    Go you guys, go amid, someone go make me a sandwich

    • Thomas Hatch

      Now you’re complaining about us complaining about Amid complaining about her complaining!

      • not complaining at all thomas. I think it is great. I know for a fact that people love… absolutely LOVE, to complain about anything and everything… the best of all is that the champions of the world when it comes to complaining, are animators. i have been in the game a looong time and while hanging out with jobbing animators the longest i have observed before the moaning began was around 12 minutes…myself, I do it all the time. Often even amongst non animation folks i will wade into the bitter seas of vitriol dragging unsuspecting bystanders along demanding answers to unanswerable questions, siding with people I have no idea about whilst verbally destroying the morals of other people on the strength of, at best, a scant peep at the facts…. all while constantly demanding sandwiches be made.

        Check the traffic and the self righteous bluster… we all love it… let’s just own that behaviour

        continue to go you guys… and continue amid… and I’ll make my own snacks if no one wants to play along

      • Thomas Hatch

        What kind of sandwiches do you like?

    • amid

      You’re absolutely right, Mick! Readers can influence the direction of this site by supporting the content that they want to see. If somebody wants more posts about art and films, then they should be discussing all of the films that won at Ottawa, including OReillys. We’ve got a thread for that and it’s quite lonely. They should be posting dozens of comments on our posts about “Creature Combat IV: Animation” and Kirsten Lepore’s “Bottle” and Sam Chou’s “The Wrong Bottle.”

      Instead readers have turned this trivial, gossipy dish into the most highly viewed post of the day BY FAR. The truth is is that as much as people like to piss and moan and pretend like they’re above it, they love the trash and they show it by driving huge amounts of traffic and comments to the trashiest stuff. So here’s a PROTIP: Supporting the stuff you hate is not the smartest way of expressing disapproval nor is it an effective way of getting us to change our editorial approach.

      At the end of the day, these kind of posts constitute a tiny fraction of the content that appears on the Brew. Our passion has always been and will continue to be animation, art, films, and filmmakers. But I’m happy to let off steam and have fun every once in a while, and judging by our traffic, readers love it too!

      • SkinzyBrown

        I don’t know dudes…I have had great times at the festival in the past. But always, ALWAYS having viewed far more horrible content than good. Thankfully, the good stuff I’ve seen is great, and the people I’ve seen are old friends, which has for me, usually made it a great time. But within my circle of friends and colleagues(and I’m sure a large portion of attendees fall into this category as well) I can guarantee that not a one would willingly watch a 15 minute clip about poo and choose NOT to complain about it. I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear this stuff before, but lots of us have been sayin’ it. I guess this is the age of social networking my friends. You should take it like men.

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cartoon Brew for editing my tweets on the #OIAF so concisely, including those that were not even hashtagged with #OIAF.
    You guys are awesome. You must have done quite a bit of work trawling through all my recent tweets!
    I must point out, however that the “lunatics” I refer to are my personal friends that were with me at the time of that tweet. I count myyself fortunate to be a part of the wild party loving crazies we call animators.
    Thank you also for putting a link to my blog. You guys didn’t have to do that and I much appreciate it.

  • I’ve known Roxanne Ducharme for many years; she is a seasoned animation professional and a warm and funny person. I can assure you that she also likes to speak her mind. She had been seeking Chris Robinson all weekend to tell him her opinion of the festival face to face. When he approached her last night at the party and confronted her about her tweets, she was pleased. He did not think she had a right to her opinion and was openly hostile. I heard him ask her what films she had made, but before she could answer he said that she had only worked at Cookie Jar. This is not actually true, but if it were, I wonder what his point was. Are animation industry professionals somehow unworthy of having an opinion at the animation festival, or what? Is there only room for edgy artistic film makers? And anyway, isn’t Cookie Jar one of the sponsors of the OIAF?

    Roxanne did have a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the festival. I’m proud to know a woman who is not afraid of saying out loud, what so many say behind his back.

    Thank-you Cartoon Brew, for shining a bright light on this!

    • Mart Rose

      I’ve been to Ottowa in the past. Unless this year was different Chris Robinson is hard to miss.

      He’s at all the parties, all the screenings and often hanging around the Chez Ani coffee bar.

      Your friend sounds like a coward who would rather giggle with superiority along with her clique than actually make a constructive criticism. She should be a guest blogger for the Brew.

      Tweeting coward.

      • Mart Rose

        PS: You’re @littleanimation?

        What’s it like to be a snivelling sycophant?

  • Trent

    Finally an honest person. She has said what many people think and chatter about, and should not be harrassed on here because of her personal opinion. Terrible post:

    Jerry and I both attended the Ottawa International Animation Festival and, like everyone else, had a wonderful time. Everyone that is except for Canadian animation artist Roxanne Ducharme.

    Jerry and Amid forgot to ask me, I didn’t have a great time. Infact most years my colleages and I skip all the shortfilm competitions…like many people at the festival. Befor you go generalizing about “everyone” at the festival, why don’t you get some facts, and not try to steer peoples opinions by ganging up on Roxanne. She could be very right, or very wrong with her opinion.
    In my eyes you’re both acting imature. How much more reliable is Cartoon Brew than Twitter now?

  • Fishstocking

    I’m done.

    Jerry, if you ever create a website on your own, I’d love to visit regularly.

    But Amid is only capable of giving John K verbal blowjobs, attacking anyone who is successful, and now this.

    A site about animation (including animation people like to watch) for professionals would be nice.

    Glad to have around.

    • Or alternatively, you could just continue coming to this site and simply ignore the posts which allegedly aren’t to your taste. This isn’t an electronic newsfeed, it’s run by two humans with personal passions and occasional grievances.

      When you go to a news site do you have to read every article?

  • What is the context of this post? Criticizing freedom of speech?

    • Or, is it exercising Amid’s freedom of speech to criticise someone else’s criticism? Freedom Of Speech is open ended.

      • Yes, it is open ended. However it seems Amid criticized Roxanne as having posted tactlessly. If that is the case, why must CB follow suit?

      • Because they want to?

      • It is fine if Amid wants to make such a post. The question is why it should be under the auspices of a highly regarded, heavily trafficked industry ‘news’ site that solicits advertising. This is a markedly different platform than Roxanne’s.

  • Perhaps “TrashCanRoxanne” is a piece of performance art, like “Oscar the Grouch”, intended as an anti-ideal.

  • Robert Schaad

    No…I haven’t yet attended the festival. But I do catch the Ottowa reel that travels ’round every year…and generally speaking, I like the majority of what is presented.

    I’ve only read the pull quotes here…but so what? if Ms. Roxanne doesn’t like the fest, that IS her right.

    Amid was only presenting this to show a differing opinion.

    Would any art form (animation notwithstanding)grow at all if everyone thought everything was great, cool, etc.? Disagreements and differences of opinion sometimes lead to greater things…look at it optimistically.

  • @Thad : I guess I know the procedure now!
    @Jim : I am not a reader of Cartoon Brew but I sympathize with you.
    @Ron : Thank you for your comment on my portfolio :-)
    @Jorge Garrido : You are sweet! Yes I do Have a boyfriend xxx
    @Evee, Mark Sheldon, Rando, Bob Harper, Emily, Niffiwan, Trent, Tom Stathes, Fishstocking : I enjoyed reading your comments! :-))) Off to bed now, see you later!

  • Chad

    She’s a terrible artist so I don’t care what she thinks.

    However, by making this post you’ve given the baby her bottle. And now I’ve contributed.

    • Tee

      Chad: show us what you can do. You’re here (as am I) anonymously, so why not drop the mask and show us that you know better than an industry professional with whom you disagree.

  • Laffy Taffy

    Sounds like she has the bitterness born of rejection.

    Read the old mail of someone slagging a festival with such glee and you’ll likely find a stack of “better luck next time” letters.

  • Daphne Yue

    So many trolls…

    This has officially degraded to the level of 4chan.

  • aaron

    roxanne talked trash on a megaphone.
    amid talked trash on U2’s PA system.

    there’s only way to resolve this on the brew:

    10-second animation smackdown

    10 seconds animation, 24fps, no sound.
    each animator must visually smackdown the other one in any medium consisting of frame by frame articulation. friends can help but smack talkers must direct, board and script.

    judging will be based 1/3 on concept, 1/3 on execution, 1/3 on the whims of brew commenters, many of whom will be on high doses of tryptophan.

    smackdown videos will be posted on the brew turkey day in november, to commemorate how ridiculous this is and will be voted on via brew comments. Chris Robinson is exempted from voting via comment.

    let the best smack animator win. this will be resolved November 25th.

  • Papa Mario

    Cartoon Brew is morphing into

  • God the articles are getting more dickish every time I come here, come on…

  • @Chad: So if only great artists may have opinions about art, what has Chris Robinson made lately? Or Roger Ebert? Or you?

    • Chris Robinson is an artist?

    • Edgar

      Chris Robinson wrote the screenplay to the film that won the festival’s award for Best Canadian Animation “Lipsett Diaries”. Oh dear….that’s not a conflict of interest is it?

      Chris Robinson is a writer; he penned the inspired piece entitled “Handsoaps and Fools” in the 2010 Festival Reader (you know, that book they give you with your pass). If you haven’t read it yet you should do so without delay! Warning – it has some profanity.

      Was I the only person who noticed the film “Hand Soap” was made in 2008? I thought that only films completed AFTER June 15th, 2009 were eligible…Gosh. That could be even more of an epic oversight than screening adult film footage to minors.

      • Jorge Garrido

        (citation needed)

      • Edgar

        Just google it, it’s everywhere. Or check the director’s bio on the oiaf site.

      • “Warning – it has some profanity.” I would have been surprised if it didn’t. Robinson’s writing is very much like his festival selections.

        In that sense, it is very much in vogue with modern sensibilities. Or at least with what they are perceived to be, because those who don’t like them often prefer not to say so. It’s usually easier to not make a fuss and just clap along with everyone else.

      • Edgar

        When I wrote “inspired” I was being polite and anyway he probably was inspired when he wrote it. I could barely get through it. The words “soul-destroying” “self-indulgent” and “drivel” also come to mind.

        It didn’t scream “Welcome to the Festival and Thank-you All for coming”. It was felt more like yet another explanation for why he chooses the films he does, thinly veiled as the recounting of a weird dream he had in Japan.

        But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure lots and lots and lots of people enjoyed it.

        LOOK!!! The Emperor has NO CLOTHES!!!

  • “Those films will suck the life out of you #oiaf #fail #ineedadrink” sums up pretty much every animation festival I’ve ever been to.

  • aj

    yeah, how dare you Roxanne! who the hell do you think you are having an opinion!

    seriously isn’t the idea of this site supposed to be about showcasing upcoming talent or new animated films or something like that? We are becoming more like the Sonic The Hedgehog fans with each passing month.

  • Cathy

    Is it true that only one person decides which films make it into this festival? There’s no selection committee, it’s just the personal taste of one person. And you’re all okay with this?

    See here under Selections

    • Agreed, though it is his festival and there is no governing world body that dictates how a festival should or shouldn’t be run… its actually very capitalistic, festivals are successful because people go to them.

      • That is a very good point. And let’s not forget the sponsors.

        I’m following your blog now…

  • Guz

    I have to agree to others that this article is COMPLETELY futile. It has no info, no value, and no use for…

    I hope you guys don’t start making fuss and gossip of all things or people you don’t like in the animation businness.

  • @Guz, Cathy,aj, Tim Drage, Edgar, Niffiwan ,Ixintro , Papa Mario, Daphne Yue, and to everyone who liked your comments: I’m glad some people here make sense.

    @aaron: I have a life.

  • Wow, everyone’s insane.

    The most stable person on here seems to be the trash girl.

  • I had the pleasure to show at and attend this year’s festival. The screenings and parties were filled with wonderful and unique people with unique tastes. As broad as the category of animation is, there are bound to be things that appeal to some and not other. I myself was grateful for the diversity and don’t think one viewpoint is sufficient.

    Much love to the animation community!

  • BooBoo Gervais….

    Roxanne makes a good point though, no matter how grumpy it might have sounded. Chris picks a lot of really ugly, poorly made, boring, and downright rotten films that we should not have to sit through, and has done it every year for a very long time now. And then he treats his public addresses as if it’s a boring chore to even try to be respectful or classy in any way…..often downright insulting to anyone who has made a huge effort to be there. Ottawa needs a change BIG TIME, and anyone who doesn’t see it, isn’t looking….

    AND, Rox has created alot of great animation in her career…..and Chris has done what in animation?……..exactly ‘0’……besides a couple of long winded obscure books…

    I have been to Ottawa ALOT of times ever since it started in the 70’s, it really needs a fresh face…and I love Chris too, in a twisted way….

    • foreign office

      I don’t know someone who did more for the indy animation, than Chris Robinson. And I’ve never heard about that “lady” RD. But all this is a nonsense. We are know what the problem with all those people is, aren’t we? There are more and more people at Ottawa every year. It speaks for itself…

  • Thanks Boo Boo! Well said. I wish I could have said that on Twitter but they only allow 140 characters!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why you posted this… being negative about someone who is negative quite frankly is negative. Report on animation news please! that is why is follow your blog! What a waste of my time!

  • Jon

    This is ridiculous. Sometimes I like to look forward to being an adult with adult friends because I feel like everyone will act somewhat more mature than teenagers. Then I run into stuff like this.

    I do find it ironic that Amid’s purpose in posting this way to ridicule someone, yet the ridicule has all been aimed at Amid.

    Whatever, I’m not going to lie and say I’m never going to read Cartoon Brew again, because you guys do post great stuff sometimes. I just wish you didn’t post stuff like this that really have no point except to show how much immaturity is floating around.

  • Guz

    I really think it’s time to put down this post, Amid and CB crew. You’re defaming a PERSON, for Christ’s sake, guys. Who just so happens to have an opinion. Posting a mediocre article about her to watch the circus catch fire is SO childish… You might as well affect her professional life with your mediocrity. It’s just wrong. But of course, you wont attend or reply to this post as you didn’t on several others who made some sense, cause you seem to be playing the role of a 5th grade bully.

  • Jean Pilotte

    There is no such thing as bad publicity. Felicitations Roxanne! (… and yes, she WAS that girl in high school, integrity lasts a long time.)