TUESDAY IN NYC: Spotlight on CGI & FX Studios TUESDAY IN NYC: Spotlight on CGI & FX Studios

TUESDAY IN NYC: Spotlight on CGI & FX Studios

Tomorrow night, ASIFA-East is hosting “A Spotlight on CGI and FX Studios.” Reps from five local studios–SpeakeasyFX, Hornet, NathanLove, Mechanism Digital and Framestore–will participate in a panel discussion about industry trends and the types of artists they’re looking to hire. It’s a positive sign to see a CG/VFX event being sponsored by ASIFA-East. These are big parts of the NY animation industry, and it’d be to everybody’s benefit if the organization incorporated them into the mix more frequently. The event begins at 7pm at the School of Visual Arts (209 E. 23rd Street, 3rd Floor Amphitheater). Admission is, magic word, FREE!

  • Scott

    Would be nice to see any of these studios do some Character Animation rather than just fx animation.

  • David Levy

    Amid, you inspired the idea for this event. Thanks for that.
    Should be great!

    And, special thanks to Linda Beck for making it happen and gathering up a terrific panel.

  • Looks fun. @ Scott character animation is something that requires a different set of talent than FX animation. Though I know Hornet does character animation, could be wrong.

  • Scott, they all do character animation… or was that some kind of swipe?

  • It could be a very interesting evening for anyone in the business.

    I’ll definitely be there, and I’m a Character Animator.