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UPCOMING EXHIBIT: “Drawings That Move: The Art of Joanna Quinn”

Joanna Quinn

The National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire will be presenting a comprehensive exhibit of the work of independent animator Joanna Quinn this fall. The show, which will be held from October 16, 2009 through the end of February 2010, will display works by artists that have influenced Quinn (such as Gillray, Daumier, and Goya), early artwork by Quinn, and plenty of production artwork from her short films (Famous Fred, Dreams and Desires: Family Ties, Britannia, Girls Night Out) and advertising work (most famously, her series of bears-wiping-their-asses commercials for Charmin). Over at Michael Sporn’s blog, there are scanned pages from the exhibit’s catalog with more artwork and details about what will be on display.

  • Quinn is one of my all time favorites. Her drawing ability alone makes her one of the best independent animators around.

  • Jamie B

    Ooh, fabulous; just in time for the superb Bradford Animation Festival in the middle of November. Can’t wait to see the collection!

  • Kate

    Aaagh, cursed Atlantic Ocean. I want to go! She’s amazing!

  • Joanna doesn’t get as much credit for her talent as she should. So this exhibit is refreshing. I wished i lived on the other side of atlantic :)

    *It’s also interesting to note how many more people post “negative” comments in other posts on here than posts that celebrate truly talented artists.

    I guess the saying is true… it’s easier to say something negative than positive. It’s a shame.