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VES awards “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Day & Night”

The Visual Effects Society announced their annual VES Award winners last night in Beverly Hills.

Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon was honored with three awards, winning in every category it was nominated in. Pixar’s Day & Night won for Animated Short. Ray Harryhausen received a lifetime achievement award. The event was hosted by Patton Oswalt. Winners included:

Outstanding Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture
How to Train Your Dragon
Simon Otto, Craig Ring, Bonnie Arnold

Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short
Day & Night
Teddy Newton, Kevin Reher, Michael Fu, Tom Gately

Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – Dobby
Mathieu Vig, Ben Lambert, Laurie Brugger, Marine Poirson

Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture
How to Train Your Dragon — Toothless
Gabe Hordos, Cassidy Curtis, Mariette Marinus, Brent Watkins

Outstanding Effects Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture
How to Train Your Dragon
Andy Hayes, Laurent Kermel, Jason Mayer, Brett Miller

A complete list of winners is posted at Deadline Hollywood. The 9th Annual VES Awards will be telecast on REELZCHANNEL Saturday, February 19th at 10pm.

  • Congratulations to the cast and crew of How To Train Your Dragon! It’s nothing but good news when great films get showered with awards, and make no mistake about it — HTTYD was a GREAT film. Think about it: How many kids’ films these days dare to push the idea that (gasp!)YOUR PARENTS MIGHT BE WRONG? And not in some silly, meaningless way, either. HTTYD was about children questioning completely EVERYTHING that their parents (and their parents’ parents) had believed to be true. If that’s not a vital and meaningful and powerful message to put before the young ‘uns, I don’t know what is.

    Add to that one of the most touching and beautifully realized relationships in movies this year (Hiccup and Toothless), wonderful dragon designs (every single one of ’em), actually FUNNY jokes (again, every single one of ’em), a good use of Hollywood stars as voice actors (I literally can’t pick a favorite), and pitch-perfect direction (yay Sanders and DuBois!), and you’ve got a cartoon so damned good that my family ended up watching it three times over two days this past Christmas. I mean, if that’s not a favorable review…

  • I love Pixar as much as anyone else, but I am GLAD that Dragon finally got the recognition it deserves. It’s Dreamworks’s best film to date, in my opinion.

  • Bruce Wright

    Congratulations to all the winners. I concur with everything Ju-osh says.

  • Great picks. Loved both HTTYD and Night and Day! Congrats to Simon, Gabe, Cassidy, Teddy, and all the other winners.

  • John

    Even as a GIGANTIC Pixar fan, How To Train Your Dragon was a great film, Dreamworks’ best, so I can’t really be mad! Congratulations!

  • Some girl

    Getting what it deserves:) Hope to see more good coming out in later awards. :)

  • Elan

    Yeah, but seeing how it was for “outstanding animation” and “outstanding animated character,” I’d have rather seen Tangled win. HTTYD was a better film, but in my opinion Tangled/Rapunzel displayed superior animation chops.

  • John

    Because Pixar didn’t win the top honors will they walk out of this award show too, like they did the Annies. I wonder if winning for Night and Day is enough for them to stick around, hmmmm!

  • Cyle

    Um… isn’t this a case where enjoyment doesn’t really count? I mean it’s nice if you really enjoyed HTTYD. My favorite animated flick this year was TS3, but I would have given Animation and Character Animation to Tangled. They made the most technical advances in those areas. HTTYD definitely deserved its effects animation award, though.