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Waterloo Festival of Animated Cinema


I wish this festival were in Los Angeles – or anywhere in the United States. But I’m thankful it’s presented anyplace at all. Located in beautiful Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada, The Waterloo Festival of Animated Cinema is the annual film retrospective dedicated to showcasing the latest unreleased international animated feature films – in an actual movie theatre, the way they’re supposed to be seen.

This year the four day festival runs from November 15-18. Screenings will be held at The Gig Theatre (the Hyland Cinema) in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The festival opens Thursday Nov. 15 with the Canadian premiere of Leslie Iwerks’ The Pixar Story. Other films screening this year include: A-Film’s The Ugly Duckling and Me; Korea’s Aachi and Ssipak; France’s The Killer of Montmartre; Bjork’s Anna and the Moods; the Czech puppet horror film One Night In The City; and the infamous Norwegian CG feature Free Jimmy.

Two films document the development of one of Brazil’s leading animators, Otto Guerra: Wood & Stock: Sex, Oregano and Rock ën Roll, and Rocky and Hudson. Anime is represented with Five Centimeters Per Second, and SOS Metro Tokyo Explorers. Other Festival selections and premieres include RH+ and Film Noir.

Last but not least, the Festival will be holding the premiere of Ladd Ehlinger Jr.’s Flatland the Film. Director and animator Ehlinger will present the film in person and take Q&A after the screening – and the festival will be presenting the film and the Q&A session not only to the attending audience, but to the entire world via the Internet.

For more information contact program curator Joseph C. Chen via email wfac-at-wfac.ca or through the festival website.

  • I remember back in the ’80’s there was a FESTIVAL of ANIMATION (or something like that) every year. It toured around the SoCal area. I remeber seeing it at LIDO cinema (I think) in Newport Beach and other areas. I don’t think it was a Spike and Mike thing either.

    There really aren’t too many animation festivals these days; at least in SoCal.

    Wonder if this is another result of YouTube and the digital age?

  • Evan

    I think your Idea of bringing this festival to Los Angeles is great!
    Go cartoon brew films. Get on the phone with Joseph C. Chen and make this thing happen.

  • Billy Batz

    Aacchi + Ssipak! awesome choice!!! Someone knows whats going on!!There is hope!

  • Does anyone know where to find the official schedule for this festival? I’m desperately searching for one, but I can’t find it anywhere, certainly not on the barren official website. Jerry could you post it, maybe (since you seem to know something)?

    I narrowly missed it last year and vowed that I’d go this time around, but I can’t find any info – where to book a hotel, how to get there, how to order advance tickets, etc. I live in Toronto, so it’s not too far away from me – but I’d still like more than a few days’ notice!

  • I tried to contact them several times a while ago at that email address (and at their Youtube account) but without any success so far.

  • Hello, all,

    This is Joseph from the Waterloo Festival. I apologise for the website being down; the servers are not cooperating with the website code at the very last minute, proving that Murphy is my neighbour. :(

    Please feel free to contact me via the email address of my work alter-ego, joseph -at- rim.com.

    I have just discovered your blog the other day, and very much look forward to making your acquaintance. I have several ideas I’d like to discuss with you!

  • WFAC 2007 schedule:

    Thursday Nov. 15
    18:30 The Pixar Story
    21:00 Tidbits 1

    Friday Nov. 16
    18:30 Rocky and Hudson
    21:00 Aachi and Ssipak

    Saturday Nov. 17
    10:00 The Ugly Duckling and Me
    12:30 RH+: the Vampiress of Seville
    15:00 Tidbits 2
    18:30 Flatland
    21:00 One Night in The City
    23:30 Film Noir

    Sunday Nov. 18
    13:30 Wood & Stock: Sex, Oregano and Rock ‘n Roll
    16:00 Free Jimmy

  • Is that a complete schedule? It seems to be missing some of the films which Jerry’s post mentioned… a post on BCDC also says that you plan (or planned) on showing “Black Ceiling” from Estonia.

    Also, I think Jerry’s Youtube link is of the trailer to “Flatland the Movie”, NOT “Flatland the Film”? Both of them were released this year, but “Flatland the Movie” is not a feature film.

    Here’s the official website for “Flatland the Film”:

  • Jorge Garrido

    Hey! I live here and I didn’t even know about this! Thanks, Brew!

  • Joseph C. Chen

    Black Ceiling is in Tidbits 1, which also contains Speed of Five Centimeters Per Second.

    Indeed, it is Ehlinger’s “Flatland the Film” that is being screened, not the other.

    Tidbits 2 contains the Killer of Montmartre, Anna and the Moods, and SOS Metro Tokyo Explorers.

  • Jorge & Joseph – Duly noted, and the link to Flatland the Film has been corrected in the original post

  • Travis

    Hmmm. I got excited when I looked at Flatland: The Movie. The correct link for the ‘film’… ehh, not so much.

  • Joseph C. Chen

    It’s not as pretty, but it’s a better film. :)