Who’s Attending Comic-Con? Who’s Attending Comic-Con?

Who’s Attending Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic-ConIt’s so difficult to find folks down at the Comic-Con so here’s a thread where we can do a roll call of animation folk who’ll be attending this year. If you’re on a particular panel or just want to mention that you’ll be in attendance, let us know in this thread. Both Brewmasters Jerry and Amid will be down in San Diego. Say hello if you see us there. This comment thread is ONLY if you want to mention that you’ll be down there next week.

  • i’ll be at the con and around town all week. i don’t have a table but i might be walking the floor with pale force dvds from the conan o brien gig i did. and i’ll probably be lurking at doug tennapel’s booth.

    i’ll definitely be at the animation panels you posted about here on the brew. and i’m always down for hanging out with other disgruntled animators. hopefully i’ll run into some of you!

  • All four of us Mukpuddy Animation fellas will be making our way from New Zealand to San Diego. Should be a hoot (except for the long flight). Keen to meet and greet any other industry folk who want to say hi and share stories.

  • I’ll be there with my booth buddies Jose Lopez and Patrick Morgan down at Artists Alley at booth H9 along with Ed Acosta, Taesoo Kim, Alberto Ruiz, Stephen Silver and a whole bunch of amazing artists. I’m trying desperately to finish my third sketchbook, “Bits & Pieces, Vol 3”, but my working gig has taken over any available time. Hope I finish, if not, I’ll be there with the first 2 volumes. Hope to see everyone there. Should be quite the party as always!!!

  • I’ll be there the whole weekend, but most importantly for Thurdsay night, when my film “American Scary” (a documentary about classic TV horror hosts) will be screening at 7:30pm in the Comic-Con film festival.

    I’ll also probably be around the WizKids booth a lot, as I was one of the artists for the Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG.

  • I’ll be there buying tons of stuff. So if you see me there, sell me something!

  • I’ll be the kid with the stubble in an Andy Panda t-shirt on Thursday.

  • I’ll be there with fellow Pixarians Bill Presing and Jeff Pidgeon. We’ve got new books, toys, and lots of art, including custom ukuleles and the new books SCRAP METTLE and BELLE du JOUR!

  • I’ll be at Comic-Con International: San Diego for its entire length, from Preview Night on Wednesday, July 25 (6:00 – 9:00 PM) through Sunday, July 29.

    I’ll be in Exhibit Hall A at Table I-8 (right next to Sergio Aragonés), signing autographs and promoting my upcoming miniseries for DC Comics, CAPTAIN CARROT AND THE FINAL ARC and other projects.

    I’ll also be doing the following two programs, as described in the con’s event guide, both on SATURDAY, JULY 28:

    10:30-12:00 QUICK DRAW! – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Quick Draw! is just about the most fun you can have at any comics convention panel. Host Mark Evanier keeps artists Sergio Aragonés, Scott Shaw! and Jeff Smith on their toes through this rollicking cartoon improv event, while you get to see them draw their hearts out live on the big screen. Room 6CDEF

    2:30-4:00 SCOTT SHAW! Presents ODDBALL COMICS – For nearly four decades (!), cartoonist Scott Shaw! (CAPTAIN CARROT AND THE FINAL ARC) has presented his uniquely hilarious slideshow of “the craziest comic books ever publishedâ€? to SRO audiences at Comic-Con. Now seen at http://www.oddballcomics.com and in the pages of GEEK MONTHLY magazine, Scott’s Oddball Comics show features such nutty four-color oddities as ALL-NEGRO COMICS, POPULAR TEEN-AGERS’ “Toni Gay and Butch Dykemanâ€?, IT’S FUN TO STAY ALIVE, “crotch-centricâ€? issues of SUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND, LOIS LANE and funnybooks with a “fish-in-the-faceâ€? motif. . . plus, a baker’s dozen of the most notorious Oddball Comics of all time! Don’t dare miss the presentation that Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee calls “the wildest, wackiest exposé of some of the craziest comic books I’ve ever seen!â€? Room 5AB

  • I’ll be the guy with the penguin on my business card, and (most likely) a back-breaking stack of books from Stuart Ng and the small press area!

  • Brad Constantine

    A lot of us Gaming folks from Sony will be about. Also many of us from from the NCS/SCCS ( national cartoonist society/southern californina cartoonist society) will be around as well raising the dickens. SCCS is hosting a comic con kick off party at Buster’s Beach House on Thursday night, July 26, from 7:30-10:30pm, with many cartoonists scheduled to be there.
    more info here:

    come see how nice San Diego artists are…

  • I’ll be there. I’ll be at preview night and most likely all day Thursday.

  • I’ll be there with GirlsDrawinGirls – a group of awesome women artists who get together and draw…well…cute girls. :) Earlier this year we had a little art show over at Pehrspace in Echo Park, and now we’re coming to San Diego to promote our first book!

    We’ll be featured at the Acme Archives booth, #5529, where we will have books and prints for sale. We’ll also have our own booth in the small press section, #B7. Stop by, check out our new book, meet cute girls, and get free stuff!

    Here’s our website, for more info – http://www.girlsdrawingirls.com

  • This is my first year with a table! I’ll be there selling a noir themed sketchbook. I’m at booth F3 in the Exhibitor Tables area. Stop on by! Hopefully I can get some time to wander the floor and see some panels. See you guys there!

  • i’ll be there for the entire time as well thanks to Mike Van Eaton and Van Eaton Galleries. i’ll be signing limited editions of the Ambiguously Gay Duo painting we commissioned Alex Ross to illustrate. it was used on our JJSP comicbook. i believe i’ll be at the Van Eaton Galleries booth everyday at 1pm. stop by and say hi !!

  • Anthony Regina

    I’ll be there watching Steve Flack buy tons of stuff! I can’t wait for the Worst Cartoons panel.

  • Richard

    I’m going! It’s my first year and I’ll (probably) be there every day.

  • I will be there Wednesday night and Thursday. I will be checking in with Phil Phillipson and Brian Phillipson at the Bliss on Tap booth; Robert Roach at The Antidote Trust booth, and of course, the ASIFA Hollywood Booth. I will also make a point to catch Tom Sito and Mike Mallory at the Hanna Barbera Retrospective Thursday afternoon at 2:45 in Room 6B, and stick around in 6B at 4:00 for Jerry Beck et al at the Popeye: Well Blow Me Down presentation.

  • I’ll be there from the 25th to the 29th! Visit me at booth # E-9!

  • I’ll be there, thursday and Friday, I hope I’ll see you all there.

  • I’ll be there Wednesday through Friday. I hope I can find the right color spandex to match my cape.

  • Bugsmer

    Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will be there.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    I’ll be there, on the Thursday Popeye Panel, along with Brewmaster Jerry. Hope to see and meet many of you there. Cheers!

  • John Tebbel

    I’ll be there reporting for pop culture news site ComicMix (www.comicmix.com) along with pretty much their entire staff, led by Marvelous Mike Gold. My favorite subject is animation but I may be ordered to write about comics or toys or Mark Evanier. It’s a living.

  • I’ll be there Friday night and SaturDay for sure, maybe Sunday.

  • I’ll be there to pop with other cool guys from Deptap.com.
    From the beggining till the end!

  • Diana Green

    I’ll be there all week. I’m presenting a paper on Vaughn Bode and participating in a panel on comics as a teaching tool. I hope to touch on animation too, since I use it a lot in my classes.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’ll be there from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. And in recovery from the following Monday until the end of August…

  • Marlo and I will there with our own booth in the Autograph Area (AA7) Friday and Saturday! Jim Smith and Eric Bauza might join us on Saturday! Excitement! I will definitely try to find you Jerry!!!

  • Paul Mular

    I’ll be there Thursday & Friday with a possibility of Saturday. One of those days I’ll be wearing my TICK T-Shirt. I hope to be at Jerry’s Popeye show.

  • I’ll be there for three days. See ya!

  • Well, I just received some fast-breaking news. Apparently, Jeff Smith is unable to participate in QUICK DRAW!, so Mighty MIKE KAZALEH (of FUTURAMA, REN & STIMPY and THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN JACK funnybook fame, among others) is gonna be the third Quick Drawer in this year’s event — and I have every reason to believe that Mike will be a TOP-DRAWER Quick Drawer!

    This is gonna be FUN, despite the absense of Mssrs. Baker and Smith! If you’ve never seen QUICK DRAW!, don’t miss this year’s bound-to-be-great performance!

  • I’ll be there all week at booth #5230 with 8fish Animation. My wife and I are animators on Yo Gabba Gabba. We have a few properties we’re showing along with some sketchbooks we’ll sell. I’ll also be showing a few things from my own company, Monkey Grinder Motion Graphics (still updating site). But you can see a few quick things on crowsmack.blogspot.com. Thanks.

  • I will be hosted at booth E11 (Cartoon Art Museum) and will be doing art all weekend.

    The CAM has a great lineup of artist for the Artist-in-Residence Sketch-A-Thon who will be helping raise money for the museum. We have some talented folks in comics/cartooning coming by to help us out, including: Tom Beland, Keith Knight, Batton Lash, Daryl Cagle, Eric Powell, Debbie Huey, Derek Kirk Kim, Shannon O’Leary to name a few.

    Hope to see you all at SDCC 2007. Below is the schedules for the table.

    Cartoon Art Museum: Table E-11

    Thursday, July 26

    2-3pm: Luke Feldman
    3-4pm: Keith Knight & Tom Beland
    4-5pm: Batton Lash

    Friday, July 27

    12-1pm: Steve Lieber
    1-2pm: Daryl Cagle
    2-3pm: Brian Kolm (ME)
    3-4pm: Derek Kirk Kim & Shannon O’Leary
    4-5pm: Debbie Huey

    Saturday, July 28

    11am-12pm: Shannon O’Leary
    12-1pm: Tom Beland
    1-1:30pm: Alison Bechdel
    2-3pm: Alan Groening
    3-4pm: Derek Kirk Kim & Jesse Hamm
    4-5pm: Rick Geary & Eric Powell

    slots are still open

    * If you are a professional artist and would like to donate some time (and be able to sit down and escape the madhouse), please contact Andrew Farago at gallery (at) cartoonart.org. We can do two artist at once, so there are slots open with some of the folks all ready listed.

  • Hey all,

    I’ll be with Kei Acedera at table A5.

    We’ll be selling our other books, prints and some original sketches.
    We’ll have our new book there… Subway Sketches. This book is full of observational drawings, tips and tutorials as well as some killer guest artists!

    Guest Artists
    Louie del Carmen
    Thierry Lafontaine
    Jason Seiler
    Stephen Silver
    Dean Yeagle

    The Subway Sketches book is a special limited edition out of the Imaginism collection. It’s 72 full color pages, signed and numbered (limited to 500 copies).