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Woodpecker Update


Props to Ruben Procopio — who worked at Disney animation for many years, and whose father was a sculptor at Disney for 35 years — who has been doing great sculpts for Tracy Mark Lee and Electric Tiki. The Woody Woodpecker statues he did are particulary great (and I should know, I have ’em myself).

Speaking of Woody, my friends at StoryMakers Studio tell me that response to our announcement last week about the big Salute to Woody Woodpecker and Walter Lantz at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood has been tremendous.

Preceeding a screening of 12 Lantz classics, they’ve got a panel with June Foray, Maurice LeMarche and Billy West, who will now be joined by animator Phil Roman and our friend Leonard Maltin — sounds like a fun evening. The panel will be video taped and available online at a later date (to be announced). I’ve been informed there is still a small block of seats available for the live event – which for Cartoon Brew readers is free. To sign up for the event, or to reserve your online viewing pass, click here. If you sign up for the live event or an online viewing pass, you can post questions for the panel.

  • Those sculpts by Ruben Procopio done for Electric Tiki and Disney Limited Editions (among others) are fantastic . Ruben was the Head Of Clean-Up at Disney Orlando on many projects , culminating in “Mulan”.
    I was privileged to work under Ruben’s leadership on that movie ( I was the Lead Key on “Mushu” , with Ruben overseeing the entire movie)
    You didn’t give the link to Ruben’s blog , so here it is :


  • I saw those on someone’s blog the other day- they look great!

  • I got all three myself. But now I’m waiting for my Andy panda and Chilly statues to come along.

  • Which are these 12 cartoons?

  • Brandon Pierce

    These are great sculptures, BUT it always puzzles me as to WHY Woody’s tail is almost always clolored BLACK when they do the 50’s Woody design even though his tail was NEVER black in any of the classic cartoons (with the small exception of “The Redwood Sap” when his tail was set ablaze at the end of the short, but that was the ONLY time!)

    But, yeah those models are excellent! I want them!

  • Brandon, I think you’re just confused by the shadowing in the picture… His tail is indeed blue on the ‘modern’ sculpt.

    I have the ’41 psychotic Woody… Looks great alongside my maquette of Disney’s Alice and PVC of Fethry Duck.

  • Don Walters

    Have you ever seen Tony Cipriano’s Woody Pecker? It’s delicious!!

  • Robert Schaad

    The sculptures look great…especially the original Woody design.

    Anyone know if a nyc screening of the Woody toons would/could happen (hint hint)? I would love to see them on the big screen, as I can’t recall ever seeing them in a theater.