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Woody Woodpecker event


In honor of the forthcoming Woody Woodpecker and Friends DVD box set (on sale July 24th), Universal Pictures will be holding a premiere event at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday July 11th, admission FREE! In addition to a preview screening of 12 cartoons featured on the upcoming DVD, there will be a panel of guests discussing the life and career of Walter Lantz. Panelists will include Leonard Maltin, June Foray, and Billy West. To find out how you can get in and reserve a seat, click here: StoryMakers Studio’s Salute to Woody Woodpecker and Walter Lantz.

My friends at StoryMakers Studio (who are producing the Chinese Theatre event) told me they will make a limited number of reserved seats available for Brew readers, so if you’re interested, I strongly suggest reserving your free tickets today because it’s going to fill up fast.

In the meantime, get a sneak preview of the disc set, with video previews and downloads here: WoodyWoodpecker.com

  • Sounds like fun.
    Will it be fat legged Woody?

  • uncle wayne

    Damn….the site is as drop-dead gorgeous as the films!! Can’t wait!

  • Ah s&$t. Right before I’m out there. Too bad!
    Oh well, will be out there in time to celebrate the release of it with you Jerry.

  • Have you read the intro, the first thing you read after clicking the link? It mentions how the DVD contains “Woody plays Santa” (actually the Castle Film reissue title of “Ski for Two”); “Pantry Panic” (oh, amazing! No one has ever seen this!) and “The Wee Men” (WT*? A Famous Noveltoon???). What care, what attention, what love……..a site for us collectors!

  • Well, the disc one contents lists “SKI FOR TWO” rather than “Woody Plays Santa” so maybe all is not lost, Andrea!

  • Robert Schaad

    Wow. Beautiful website. Finally, I’ll get to see some of the earlier ones that didn’t make the previous comps (far as I know). Scanned the list quickly…glad to see Drooler’s Delight. Buzz Buzzard was so uniquely stylized at that point! Also, it’s great that Crazy Mixed-Up Pup and Sh-h-h-h are collected on this. Not sure what else is missing from this collection besides Wally Gator…I always liked Maw and Paw and would like to see those and the Space Mouse toon on dvd. Next collection…

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