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Worst Cartoons Ever at Comic Con ’08


Mark your calendars, clear the date… the all-new, craptacular 2008 edition of The Worst Cartoons Ever! – my annual report on the worst animated films in history – will take place on Friday night, July 25th at 9:30pm.

It will take place in Room CDEF in the San Diego Convention Center, as part of the packed-to-the-gills, almost-sold-out San Diego Comic Con. (Preceeding my program is a can’t-miss MST3K cast renuion at 7:15pm).

  • I am there.

    I kept missing this show, year after year, for one reason or another, and finally caught it last year. It was easily the most fun I had at the whole con. I won’t be missing it again.

  • Hooray! I was worried it would conflict with the MST3K panel. Glad to hear I’ll get to attend both. What a double feature!

  • Frank Foster

    You are fast becoming the Alan Freed of crappy cartoons, Mr. Beck.

  • Jerry, Is the kid with the parrot Sindbad Jr? I barely remember a cartoon back in the 60s with that title featuring a kid & bird wearing sailor caps.

  • Jerry do you have any idea if the MST3K cast reunion will be taped at all for possible DVD release?

  • Christopher Cook

    Wish I could be there. But finances have taken a heavy toll on me over the past year and I won’t be able to hack it. Do let me know if I can send off for a DVD copy.

  • This show is not to be missed. Always a highlight of the con.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Oh man, that room isn’t going to have a seat left.

  • San Diego Comic-Con used to be fun. Alas, not anymore. However, those who live in LA are lucky in that we get Cartoon Dumped on a regular basis. Someone get the “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” chant going in the room in my absence, OK? Jerry just loves it to death… ;-)

  • awd!

    whew… thank god the mst3k panel is before this one, I wouldn’t miss either of them.

  • Oh, no, now I have to drive all 400 miles down to San Diego after all – I can’t miss this.

    Thanks a lot, thanks a whole lot. >_

  • DAMN IT! The company I work for just scheduled a “dinner” the same time!

    This may be the very first show I have to miss.

    Maybe I’ll quit before then.

    Love dem Worst Cartoons!