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Worst Cartoons in Columbus


I’m en route to Columbus Ohio today to screen The Worst Cartoons Ever at the Wexner Center tomorrow night (11/8). The actual screening starts at 7pm.

But join me first at 6:00pm for a book signing – I’ll have free Hornswiggle buttons and postcards to give away, and I’ll be bringing an advance copy of my new book The Hanna Barbera Treasury to show off.

This will also be the launch party for my new DVD with Rembrandt Films, The Worst Cartoons Ever Made!. We shot video of me introducing these awful animated shorts in a big empty field during the picnic at the Platform Animation Festival in Portland. The video came out great – if you can’t get out to Columbus or the San Diego Comic Con, this is the next best thing. Order your copy today from Rembrandt.

  • I can’t wait for the HB book, and now the DVD! Ease up on our pockets for a few weeks Jerry!

  • John

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting you!

  • How’d you get a toothpaste company to release your DVD?

    Congrats on this latest addition to the Beckography!

  • The DVD looks great! I’m bummed there’ll be no Super President though.

  • Gosh, I hope I feel like waking up before 6:00 PM.

  • Keith Paynter

    In a field, you say Jerry? I think Barry Levinson would be proud. Any chance the DVD can be sold to us Canucks?

  • Sir Rupp Of Figgs

    I’ll be there tonight if my car cooperates. Coincidentally, I was just turned on to Bucky, Spunky, Pepito, & Tadpole within the last month. I used to watch Super President religiously. I really love the word, ‘molecule’.

  • just passed word to some friends in c-bus, hopefully they’ll be there!

  • SAM33

    Really enjoyed the show, it was a pleasure to meet you. looking forward to the HB book.

  • eric l

    Where are the FRUTIES? How can you have a DVD with the worst cartoons of all time and not have the FRUTIES?

    NOTHING is worse than the FRUTIES.