“Dinotasia” “Dinotasia”


Opening in London on May 4th is Dinotasia, a new feature film containing a series of vignettes about dinosaurs, narrated by filmmaker Werner Herzog. The animation for this film was originally created for the Discovery Channel series Dinosaur Revolution, which aired in the U.S. last fall. Erik Nelson, best known for his work with director Werner Herzog on his documentary features, co-directed the film with David Krentz, lead character designer for Disney’s Dinosaur, and has contributed to Fantasia 2000, Treasure Planet, Valiant and The Ant Bully. It should open in the U.S. later this year.

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  • Sarah J

    Huh, this looks a LOT like Dinosaur Revolution. Some of the same situations (like the dinosaur getting stabbed on the triceratops horn, and the allosaurus with the messed up jaw) are very similar. Are the two related? Oh well. I’m always up for a good dinosaur documentary.

    • michael

      dude. “The animation for this film was originally created for the Discovery Channel series Dinosaur Revolution, which aired in the U.S. last fall.”

  • jerome

    Looks kind of stupid… A bunch of dinosaurs slaughtering each other ? Yeah, great scientific value.

    • http://somebodyelseslightbox.blogspot.com/ Dani Boy

      Agreed. Beautifully rendered Dinosaurs behaving like Looney Tunes is not my cup of tea. oy..

  • Tim T

    Looks kind of awesome…A bunch of dinosaurs surviving the only way they could! Great scientific value!

  • Tak

    It does indeed look very stupid & overproduced.
    And with the narrator sounding like an effeminate Arnold Schwarzenegger I really ain’t looking forward to anything about this series. All them clunky CGI dinosaurs graphically dismembering each other as if they were part of a recent Mortal Kombat torture-porn-esq video game. Hope both Pixar & Animal Logic in Sydney’s two Dinosaur centric projects turn out a truck tone better than this.

    • Cameron Koller

      Please, do think twice before calling arguably one of the very greatest living filmmakers and documentarians in the world an “effeminate Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

  • Dave

    OH MAN! I didn’t need to see two t-rexes making love! I WAS EATING!!!

  • Treadwell

    narration reminds me of the Monty Python sketch with the “life and death struggle” of two pantomime horses.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    It does look like an interesting premise. When I saw Disney’s Dinosaurs, after they acheived such wonderful photreal animation they shit on it by having them talk in hip urban colloquialisms! How was I supposed to suspend my disbelief? After that I thought someone should just make a film about dinosaurs doing what dinosaurs did. The 7 year old in me would gobble this up (no pun intended).