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$9.99 is a new clay animated feature-length movie opening in Los Angeles for an Oscar qualifying one week engagement on December 12th. It’s based on a story by Etgar Keret (Wristcutters: A Love Story), was directed by New York-based film-maker Tatia Rosenthal (Blues Clues), and produced in Australia with voice overs from Anthony La Paglia and Geoffrey Rush.

Looks intriguing. I don’t know much about it, there is no trailer online, but I’ve been told Asifa-Hollywood members will be getting an Annie screening next month.

  • I’m pretty happy with where animated films are going at the moment.
    I know Disney’s future output isn’t looking too promising but that has a silver lining too.

  • Oh hey, I remember looking into this film ages. Thanks for the heads up – I’d nearly forgotten about it. Anyhow, this is what I know about it copied and pasted from something I wrote a while ago on Space Meat.

    “This stop-motion animated feature tells the story of Sydney apartment dwellers searching for the meaning in their lives. While I couldn’t find anything on Lama Productions, Sherman Pictures have been behind Rabbit Proof Fence, Opal Dream and Candy. On a bit of a side note, Joel Edgerton, who is among the voice talent, was also the voice of the title character in the animated short The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.”

  • dave levy

    From the bit I’ve seen, Tatia Rosenthal has made an intelligent and thought provoking movie. This is the stuff we animation artists have been starving for. I’m sure this will inspire others to take animation to the next level of storytelling. Congrats to Tatia and her crew!

  • David Hayman

    I saw this film when it screened at the Toronto International Film Fesival in September. The animation is really top notch if not a little gritty for my tatstes, but it is definately worth checking out if your a fan of stop motion animation. Just know ahead of time that this film is targeted at a mature audience and not some to bring the kiddies to.

    Also check out the stopmotion feature Edison & Leo, which also had its premiere at TIFF this year. It to is for adults but is easily the the best and most original animated feature to some out this year. Think Gumby meets Guy Maden and you have an idea. Check out the links for more info on both films…


    Edison & Leo


  • Based on the synopsis alone, I’m totally itching to see this film now!!!! Sounds like it might have the feel of the early Vinton claymation films.

    I saw a test screening of Edison & Leo a few months ago, before it was totally complete. It’s OK, but definitely not for kids, unless they cut out some stuff.

  • That’s definitely not “clay animation” but most likely silicone puppets. It looks really nice though, wish I lived near a place that was screening it!

  • messy

    The ending to this film is really icky. Which is probably why it’s sooo good.

  • lorenzo

    I have seen “$9.99” yesterday at the Roma film festival. Animation for adults is a very new idea here in Italy, and I was happy at how much the audience loved it. It is a fantastical, poetical and very funny movie with very good animation. I hope it comes to cinemas here too and maybe make the genre more popular in the future.

  • Theodore Ushev

    I just saw this film in the Holland animation festival. It is one of the best animated films that I’ve ever seen! I don’t talk about animation (because animation, and etc. are things that I’m not interested in). The design is good enough not to tease you. But the literature, the script, and the cinema in this film are fantastic. Made me think about one of my favorite all time movies “Smoke”. Yes, this film is a full Auster-esque experience. Smart and witty! It has to be nominated for an Oscar!

  • Vince Partington

    I find it interesting that Tatia and her production company will put the names of her finance advisors on the credits for this film and omit entirely the names of her Animators who must have done alot of hard work to create this film? Or am I lead to believe that Tatia did all the work?? I think not! All this makes me dubious of Tatia’s integrity in the animation industry.

  • tatia rosenthal

    The nine fantastic animators who animated on “$9.99” are fully credited on the film and in all materials containing crew lists that come out of Sherman Pictures – the film’s producer. On the film itself they appear right after the actors and before the executive producers. In big letters (I of course encourage you to go see for yourself once the film opens…) But this is a great opportunity to write them up here, because they’ve made beautiful beautiful animation. They are:

    Sharon Parker, Jan-Erik Maas, Steven Cox, Daniel Alderson, Antony Elworthy, Norman Yeend, Yonatan Bereskin, Andrew Spilsted and Darren Burgess.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments

  • Sharon Lee Parker

    As an animator on $9.99 I always felt appreciated and respected by Tatia for my work. I have never felt at any time that Tatia would take credit not due. I find it difficult to understand how her integrity may have come under scrutiny at all. Tatia worked for years on this film before the animators even knew about it.
    Having said all this however, it is good to know there are people out there ready to jump to our defence if we were somehow overlooked. Thanks Vince!