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A Town Called Panic

Sixteen animated films are needed to enter and qualify in order for five animated features to be nominated for a Best Animated Feature Academy Award. This might be the film that tips the scale in favor of five nominees.

Zeitgeist Films is opening this French-Belgian co-production in New York next month and in Los Angeles in January. However, the distributor had not scheduled the required L.A. qualifying run, so filmmakers Stephane Aubier and Vincent Patar took matters into their own hands, filled out the Oscar submission forms and booked the film into L.A.’s Claremont 5 to play there between December 11th and December 17th.

The Film Forum in New York will play the film December 16th-29th. The Nuart in West L.A. will open the film on January 22nd. Check out the original TV episodes on

Pssst! Be the first in LA to see A Town Called Panic this Saturday Nov 7 at 11am, as part of the AFI FEST at Laemmle’s Santa Monica 4.

  • TK

    The Secret of Kells will also get an Oscar run with the new distributor.

    5 it is! :D

  • Lindsay

    OMIGOD I NEED TO SEE THIS!! *wheeze*

    Seriously, this looks so quirky it’s wonderful! And in French, to boot! :D

  • I had a chance to see this film in Annecy and really enjoyed it. Go see it, very funny!

  • Sunday

    Whew, not a moment too soon. “Evangelion 1.0” just fell by the way side:

  • Vintage Season

    See, this is what happens when French kids grow up with bootleg “Gumby” videos….

  • A Town Called Panic will also be among the films screened at the San Francisco International Animation Festival next Friday, November 13 at 9 pm at the Embarcadero Center Cinema.

  • Saturnome

    The people behind this film have also made in the 90s a series of four 2D cartoons called “Pic Pic et André”. The animation is spectacular, it’s cartoony beyond the limits. The simple fact of brushing teeth is funny. Real wild stuff!

  • The nerve! This is just so cool. Having a film like this entering the Oscar competition is Punk. I like it. I’ve enjoyed the “Pic Pic and André” show, although at that time I liked other elements more than the toy figure episodes. But just the set details in the trailer made me laugh.

    Please dig out as much info about this film as possible. I’d especially like to know its budget … and compare it to Zemeckis’.

  • ” I’d especially like to know its budget … and compare it to Zemeckis’.”

    Me too.

  • I remember seeing this pitched as a television series many years ago. Possibly in 2001, though my memory is notoriously poor. At that stage, I think it was a short film and they were looking to expand it and that short was absolutely hilarious and got a great response. I don’t know what happened to it between then and now but it’s nice to see they managed to get it this far.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I JUST tried watching an episode of A Town Called Panic on Hulu yesterday. I couldn’t stand it and had to stop 5 minutes in.
    But this trailer looks a million times better, and I actually want to see it. Strange.

    Here’s the link if anyone’s interested:

  • Wouter

    so proud of this film as a Belgian
    very refreshing and smart
    go see it if you can!

  • I pitch that, in the future, Adult Swim show this one night. I mean hell if they can show “The Room” and get whatever ratings, they can certainly get a good audience with this film.

  • Panique au Village is AMAZING, loved it since I saw some of the shorts and also the Pic Pic Andre cartoons at an animation fest years back. SO EXCITED for the movie :)

  • Hey! I was able to see the film screened at the GIRAF festival in Calgary, Canada. It was packed full of inventive humour. Just don’t watch it if you already have a headache. From the yet to be born 0.2 second generation, a fetal thumbs up! The current living may not be ready though…